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Jumpstart Your Productivity

Whatever the time of year, it’s a good idea to look in the career mirror. It’s assessment time.

Failure – Career Suicide Or Career Rebirth?

Donald Trump routinely asked the wannabe apprentices that landed in the boardroom the same thing each week on The Apprentice. In the last 15 minutes, he probed the project leader, “Who failed on the task? Who’s responsible for causing you to be here?” Fingers and mouths point at each other. Excuses flow like a rushing river.

Being Set Up, To Exit

In the past week, I’ve received several emails with the subject area basically declaring, “Employee in distress . . . call ASAP!” After sorting through the various issues and problems, they all carried similar themes-their professional integrity and credibility was being undermined by someone in a senior position. Ironically, I know a few of them and am aware of the quality of their work and their professional reputations.

You May Talk Too Much

During the past month, I’ve had several queries about personal information, as in, how much should be revealed within the confines of the workplace? Consider this-you are the parent of a driving teenager, a challenge that post teen parents will empathize with you on. Your son has been practicing his independence with the car, his responsibilities on the home front, and in general, he’s being a royal twit.

Why You Should Seek the Best Personal Training Course

No matter what sort of course you decide to do, you should always choose the best there is. It’s the same with a personal training course. By choosing the absolute best course, you will be way ahead of the competition and will have the edge when it comes to getting employment or setting up your own business.

Choosing an Information Technology Career – Is IT Right For You?

As a service member who developed a rewarding Information Technology career after leaving the military, I want to share some perspective on factors you need to consider when choosing an educational program for developing your career in IT. Talking with prospective students and attending education fairs, I interact with military members looking to advance their education and considering IT careers on a regular basis.

10 Activities to Save You From Burn Out at Work

Burnout is a very common issue that modern workers face. Any type of work can get stressful, especially jobs with boring routines like clerical jobs. Burnout, however, is not inevitable and people can find ways to work around it. Here are 10 easy activities that can save you from a possible burnout.

An Awesome Way to Quit Your Job Part 2

So I liked writing An Awesome Way to Quit Your Job so much that I decided to write a part 2. Just in case you missed the last one, I’m coming up with some ideas about how to quit your job and then ranking them on a scale of 0 to 10. Well let’s get to it!

10 Best Careers If You Love to Travel

Some people are perfectly happy with their desk jobs. Others like to live life to the fullest by traveling the world and taking in the sights of the various locales. If you find yourself belonging to the latter class of people, here are some of the best careers to turn your passion for travel into a paying job.

Bullet Proof Alternative to Loss Prevention Employment – Will You Be Laid Off?

Loss Prevention Employment, sometimes call Asset Protectors employment, can be defined as individuals responsible for reducing employee theft and losses, of all types of business assets, including the protection against retail shoplifting. Affiliate Marketing when used correctly can be an alternative to any career.

Lost Your Job – Freelance Work From Home

It can be completely devastating to lose your job, but once you’ve lost your job maybe some freelance work from home can help. I know the feeling when you hear the news indicating you no longer have a job or that your position has been eliminated. You may consider unemployment to help with the bills, but that doesn’t last long and the checks are small. You should employ a free method of article marketing to help with the loss of income.

EMT Professional Job Opportunities and Earnings

A profession as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic can be incredibly exciting and yet also rewarding. They are responsible for saving people daily and they are held in high regard by the general public. This is a stressful job that will require quick thinking and fast reactions. Because of the importance this career holds it requires a lot of training in order to become a EMT or paramedic.

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