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Can I Be A Forensic Anthropologist?

If there is one thing that you should know about being a forensic anthropologist, it is the fact that it is not as easy as they show on TV. Those characters in CIS and other similar shows did not become one overnight. It took those years and years of study, hardships, late nights, missing out on parties, taking exams and the list goes on. You get the point. Becoming one is no walk in the park and it is certainly not for people who want to get things with a snap of a finger. So to answer the question, there are other questions that you first have to ask yourself. Remember, do not give haphazard answers. Really give it a lot of thought. After all, your future career depends on it.

Looking to Make a Career Change? Career Training and Asking a Few Questions Can Open Doors

Making a career change is a big decision, especially if it involves not only you, but a family and loved ones as well. In order to better assess what type of job in what kind of environment suits you best, there are several questions you should ask yourself as you prepare to make a move. Asking yourself the following questions will help you realize what issues are – or aren’t – deal breakers.

The Skills Needed to Be a Teacher: Do You Have What It Takes to Ensure Success?

If you have thought about becoming a public school teacher but are not sure if you have the aptitude to make it, read our interview with middle school teacher Adam Bergman. He breaks down the skills needed to be an effective teacher, explains how he used networking and volunteering to obtain a position in the public school system, and offers some very helpful teaching career advice.

Bioengineering Careers: How Biomedical Engineering Directly Impacts Mankind

Are you interested in pursuing a cutting-edge career path that applies engineering principles to medicine and the human body? If so, you might want to consider becoming a biomedical engineer. Read about what lead Amy Patel, a young bioengineer in the pharmaceutical industry, explore bioengineering careers. She also answers the valuable question of “what do biomedical engineers do?”

How To Start Looking For A Job

Whether you’re unemployed, looking for your next job and set of challenges, or entering the job force for the first time, there are a few steps you can take to start your job search off on the right foot. In today’s job tip, we’re going to take a look at some of these steps and how to do them. A good first step is to let people know you’re looking!

Physical Therapist Assistant Schools

Have you noticed more and more physical therapist assistant schools popping up these days? Physical therapy is a healthcare field that is becoming more and more popular. The job of a physical therapist or a physiotherapist is to give patients exercises to strengthen their body, therapy to improve the body’s functions and range of motion, and teach patients on the use of various mobility aids and assisting devices.

X-Ray Technician Salary Reviews

Medical facilities employ radiologic technologists, commonly known as x-ray technicians, to provide internal imagery of the human body by skillfully using the x-ray equipment. This internal imagery is of utmost importance for the medical doctor to diagnose injuries or diseases more accurately and to provide the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

Increase Your Salary And Make More Money

Would you like an increase in your salary? Let’s say a 20 percent increase and a big bonus. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Career Change Advice: A Step by Step Guide

Without proper planning, the exhilaration of starting a new career can quickly change to fear, then failure. While many career changers are tempted to quit their jobs and follow their dreams, they are often disappointed with the results. This article explores reasons for change and lays out a step by step process for success.

A Better Understanding of a Physical Therapy Career

Physical Therapy Career is one of the most popular careers in medical field. A physical therapist is a medic who helps patients living with disabilities, limitations and impairments resulting form injuries to recover. Additionally, a therapist helps patients who have undergone surgery to recover through therapy programs. This is based on evaluation, prognosis, diagnosis and interventions that will aid in offering the best possible results for a patient.

Receiving Feedback As A Gift (Seriously)

Have you ever felt blind-sided by job performance feedback? Would you like to hear some ideas about how you can become more comfortable receiving feedback? This article explains why feedback is hard to hear and what you can do make better use of it to improve your performance at work.

Changing Careers At 30 – Why It May Be The Right Move For You

Many people in society pursue a particular path to successfully provide the essentials of their lifestyle, but not all persons appreciate their career choice. In order to decide on improving your lifestyle, simply decide on choosing a different career path that is suitable and profitable in every way. Are you changing careers at 30? Need to take the right approach to achieving the results you need?Here are some important facts to help you develop a positive attitude to accomplish better prospects in life:

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