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So You Think You’re Entitled to a Job, Do You?

Do you think companies are just waiting to hire you? Just what is your purpose in job hunting and how does it relate to the company’s hiring purpose?

The Energy of Money and Well-Being

Money is Energy – Well-Being is Money! Welcome to a new day. Today I took my sons Joshua and Nickolas to Nocallula Falls, a very beautiful natural attraction in my city.

Tweeting and Termination: It Can Happen to Pilots!

Facebook, Twitter, Google are all great ways to keep in touch with friends, family and what is going on in the world around us. For most of us the internet is a way of life. For pilots it is the only way to find and apply for a job. While the world of technology has made this process easier, there are some things that pilots have to consider.

How To Use LinkedIn to Find Freight Broker Jobs

Did you know that 15% of job hunters in 2011 got hired using LinkedIn? Sadly, only 35% of these lucky hires knew how to use the site’s tools to their advantage. Here are the top nine strategies they employed which you can use to power your freight broker job hunting activities.

When Is a Good Time to Ask For a Raise?

There is usually a good time and a bad time to ask for a raise. Knowing when to ask and when not to ask is key information you will need in order to have the outcome you want.

Are You Aware of The Various Viable Career Pathways At Your Disposal?

Information is power, having knowledge of something is all that one needs if at all you need to actualize and get the best out of you. Career selection is one of the most controversial areas in one’s life. The career that one selects is his line in which he should concentrate and derive the best out of that. Having the right information of the available careers is one of the steps towards effective career selection.

How to Become a Pharmaceutical Tech and Earn Pharmacy Technician Salary

One of the fastest growing careers nowadays is pharmacy technician. Also known as a pharmaceutical technician, this individual is responsible for all pharmacy related functions such as the evaluation of prescription requests with the doctor’s office or insurance companies to make sure that proper medications are provided and payments are received appropriately.

Does Your Online Reputation Match The Image You Want To Project?

When it comes to the job search, Facebook raises many privacy issues, but your online footprint as a job seeker extends far beyond your Facebook profile. Even if you have avoided Facebook altogether, chances are you have not completely avoided the internet; and this means that you have an online reputation that can be explored-and exploited-by potential employers.

Cover Letters to Beat Them All

After you have your resume done and dusted, you’re ready to start working on the cover letter. A powerful cover letter adds new life to your resume. It also provides you with the opportunity to communicate to the potential employer the reason you are the ideal candidate for the role in a more conversational and perhaps persuasive way than the resume will allow.

Career Opportunities for Women in the Field of Medical Sonography

More and more women are exploring the opportunities available to them in the field of healthcare and medicine. The medical field always offers plenty of career opportunities for both men and women be it as a sonographer, phlebotomist, lab technician, or any number of other career options. However, sonography is the most sought after career in the medical field.

Massage Therapist Career: Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing to enter into a career as a massage therapist is a great decision. However, as with any career, there are advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to learn about the pros and cons of a career as a massage therapist.

Do You Have the Job Interview X-Factor?

It is one of the most feared aspects of the job search and career change process. So much so in fact that the prospect of a job interview can put fear into even the most self-confident, articulate and accomplished job seekers. The explanation for this fear lies in the nature of job interviews as a complex performance which you won’t do well in unless you rehearse well. If you haven’t rehearsed, you may get stage fright. However, with practice you can improve your performance at job interviews. Read how.

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