How Much Does Flossy Carter Make on YouTube

Can You Really Get Paid to Drive Your Car? Find Out How Much Money You Can Make!

Do you want to find out how to get paid to drive your car? If yes, then you are not alone. More and more people every day are using car advertising as one of the easiest ways to make some extra cash, without any effort.

Get Ahead – The Core, Fundamental Skills Required by All Office Professionals

The core, fundamental skills required by all office professionals to help advance their careers and to promotion and salary increase. The foundation skills are as follows.

Why You Should Not Appear to Be Busy at Work

On my second job I’ve met a guy that was both my boss and my mentor. Usually his advice was good. However, in one point I had to strongly disagree.

I Hate My Job

I’ve recently been thinking about how many people say they don’t like their jobs. I wonder if that is really true or are there some things about our job we don’t know how to manage that creates so much frustration. While the grass may be “greener on the other side”, it may take more maintenance than you have considered. Are you confusing your job or company frustrations for what I call “Career-Pause”? Do you have an accurate assessment of your value? There are so many thoughts to ponder if you really hate your job and to read this article.

Prove You’re a Superstar – Tips For Making Your Company’s Rap List

Unless you’ve been living under a proverbial rock for the last year, you’re well aware that the economy is not exactly thriving. Ok, that’s a pretty gross understatement. What we’ve actually faced are some of the most terrifying economic times we’ve ever seen, or (fingers crossed!) are likely to see ever again.

Seven Truths of Career Success

The most qualified candidate does not necessarily get the job offer. Many times, candidates with lesser qualifications get job offers simply because they’ve prepared and presented themselves in a more compelling way. They “package” themselves better, with an outstanding portfolio of career documents and oral presentation skills.

Success at Work With Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can get you far. You can be as smart and educated as a Nobel laureate, but if your competence is not matched by confidence, you will fail to reach your full potential.

5 Steps to Follow to Increase Your Credibility at Work

This is the last article regarding the topic: “How to become a successful consultant step by step”. The previous articles, namely “How to become a successful consultant step by step : Part I. 4 steps to follow in order to get an advantage in pay check negotiation” and “How to become a successful consultant step by step : Part II. 10 must do tips at your first month on the job” pertain in negotiation skills and attitude skills respectively. This article will mostly look into the business skills.

10 Must Do Tips at Your First Month on the Job

Guessing that you have already read my previous article on “4 steps to follow in order to get an advantage in pay check negotiation” ( if not please do!) this is basically the second part of a series of three articles “How to become a successful consultant step by step”. So, now you got the job. The first couple of months at your new job environment (always in case where you work on site, namely on the client’s premises) are the most critical ones. Follow the 10 tips below and learn how to adapt effectively at your new job environment.

4 Steps to Follow in Order to Get an Advantage in Pay Check Negotiation

Have you ever thought that getting the pay check you deserve it’s not so easy? A great percentage of business people do not really get what they deserve due to lack of negotiating skills on the time of pay check agreement. Just imagine the disappointment you get when you realize that you could have bought the car that you really liked but you didn’t because you didn’t negotiate your pay check. The feeling you get when you understand that you could have followed a different approach in order to accomplish your goal more efficiently. So, here are 4 steps to follow in order to get an advantage in pay check negotiation…

How Diversity Skills Can Be Used in Job Interviews

Good diversity skills will allow you to shine during your job interviews. This article describes why and how.

Changes – David Bowie

Still don’t know what I was waiting for… Some people spend most of their work life trying to reach or stay in the comfort zone.

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