How Much Does Freakin Frugal Make on YouTube

Starting a Career As A Boxer

Becoming a boxer is a gradual process. You have to start from the ground and work your up to the top. Boxing as a career can be rewarding and in past many sportsmen have become millionaires.

How To Make The Most Benefit From Your Internship

A lot of people have a hard time looking for internship programs, that’s why if you happen to get to have one; you should make the most out of it. This is simply because your internship can have a rippling effect on your future even though it’s not that obvious.

4 Tips for Elementary School Teachers

If you don’t like kids, becoming an elementary school teacher certainly is not your job. Elementary school teaching involves a lot of interaction with kids and at times these little creatures create too much problems for you that things become difficult to handle and they are all over you in the class.

Majority of Job Seekers Found Their Last Job By Networking Online

But the definition of networking is changing from going out and meeting people in person or calling them on the phone, to networking on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networks online. A recent report by the job seeker website Simply Hired found that 37 percent of job seekers got their last job through networking, 20 percent through a job board (presumably online), 15 percent through a company career site, 15 percent through a staffing agency, and 13 percent through a recruiter.

Starting Career As A Publisher

If you ever dream of becoming a publisher, then make sure that this profession requires a lot of hard work and commitment from you. This profession is usually considered as a stable career as no matter what is happening to other industry, publishers are always on their way.

Becoming a Business Analyst

To run a business is not a work of a single man. There are a lot of people who contribute their efforts to make any business successful.

Eight Classic First Interview Mistakes Featuring Dave

First interviews are a lot like first dates. Making a good impression is paramount if you want to get to round two in either process. In Pongo Resume’s ‘Dave’s Amazing First Impression’ video from the ‘Don’t Be Dave’ series, Dave Hetherington makes all the classic first interview mistakes.

Boost Workplace Productivity – Make ‘Em Laugh!

Often referred to as the “best medicine,” laughter at work is gaining ground as an easy way to brighten the workday and boost the overall health of your workplace or organization. Because there is a growing amount of research that supports the benefits of laughter at work, humor is now getting the professional respect it deserves.

Solve Problems As An IT Guy

If you join any company or a software house as an Information Technology (IT) expert, a lot is expected from you. It is often believe that an IT Guy is a grumpy middle age man who really doesn’t want to help.

Executive-Management Jobs Not Being Filled: Gen X Not Ambitious, Enough

Executive/management jobs are standing vacant. Those vacancies will increase by the end of this year as 10 million baby boomers retire. Too many executive/management jobs are not being filled, explains McKay Coppins in Newsweek, primarily because of two reasons.

Starting Career As A Dietitian?

If you want to become a dietitian then you must a good knowledge about this dietitian career. Those who are expert in food and nutrition are known as Dietitians.

Credit Reports May Impact Hiring Decisions

Credit reports can and sometimes do play a role in some hiring decisions. Only no one really knows how much influence they actually have, reports Portfolio’s Kent Hoover. That’s part of what makes their use by employers so scary. The threat has escalated because negative information on credit reports has surged during these hard times.

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