How Much Does John Schneider Make on YouTube

How to File For Unemployment in Ohio

Unlike other states that require at least a year’s employment before the unemployment benefits can be released, the state of Ohio does not. You just need to be employed for at least six weeks. You don’t have to be employed by just one employer.

Why That Free CNA Training is Not Really Free!

Many people get attracted by offers of CNA training for free. However very often these free programs have lots of hidden clauses that may render them a lot more expensive or difficult. We discuss some of those hidden clauses in this article.

Managing Up – A Vital Career Management Tool

The art of Managing Up is such a great tool to manage one’s career. Managing up is all about getting to know the boss’s world of work, sometimes, such a different world from that of your work-world. Know his world, and you win forever at work.

Job Search Advice – You Didn’t Get the Job, Now What?

What do you do when you hear that you didn’t get the job? No one likes to hear this kind of bad news, especially after you have gone through two or even three rounds of interviews. This article helps the reader understand what they can do to take control of this situation and make it work for them.

Craft Business Advice

Whether you already have a craft store up and running or are just thinking about starting a craft business sooner or later you are going to need some craft business advice. Here is some much needed advice about owning a craft business online.

Starting a Cleaning Business – Read This First

Starting a cleaning business is a popular work from home opportunity. It offers many avenues for business, from house cleaning services to office cleaning contracts. But you need to think carefully before starting a cleaning business. There are many factors to consider. Obviously, the profitability and return on investment is a major consideration.

Cruise Ship Jobs – Do You Have What it Takes?

Work on cruise ships is often characterized by traveling the world, visiting exotic locations, and having the time of your life. Although these things make up a part of the job, there is another side to the job that you need to be aware of before making the decision to work aboard a ship. Read this article to find out more.

New Year’s Resolutions For Career Seekers and For Job Seekers

The same set of standards apply to both groups. This is the time of year to evaluate or re-evaluate where you are and where you want to be. As the economy continues to struggle, it is especially important now to get a bearing on where you are in your career.

The Use of Email Address When Looking For a Job

A “job” is so “ho-hum.” If you have to pay bills, of course, you do what you have to, trying to keep it relevant to your passion, so in some sense, that could be a “job.” I use “job” here generically, to mean both a “job” and a “career.”

Landing a Career in a Tough Economy

Today’s job market is unlike any job market since the Great Depression. With off shoring, outsourcing, economic uncertainty, the prospect of deflation in many sectors of the economy, finding a position, much less a career, is a huge challenge in today’s world. Saying so is an understatement, to say the least.

Finding Nursing Home Administrator Jobs

Nursing homes always have openings for nursing home administrator jobs. Find out how to get one.

Tips For Getting a Phlebotomy Certification

Phlebotomy certification is not as easy as it looks. Find out what is required.

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