How Much Does Prepper Nation Make on YouTube

For Career Success Follow the Metal Brick Road

The clients that compose the semi-conductor industry aren’t as sexy as Google, Apple, Amazon or Facebook but they play a crucial role in the success of these and many of today’s hottest social media and tech savvy companies. Think iPad, iPhone, LCD TV, Laptop and you will realize that all these products contain semiconductors. The semiconductors serve as a transmitter to relay the media that we see and hear on a daily basis around the globe.

Demand for Security Guard Training is on the Rise

One of the definitions of the word security is: precautions taken to guard against crime, attack, sabotage, espionage and so on. This was never been more important than now. The attacks on the WTC or 9/11 spawned a multi- billion dollar security industry. This is not to say that there was no security consciousness before this. But the need was felt almost on an emergency level post 9/11.

Sterile Processing Technician Career Information

There are many positions you can work in as a technician which offer excellent pay without much education required to get a great job. A sterile processing technician is a great job for anyone looking to find a steady position in the medical without getting into years of debt and dedicating a decade to advancing through your education.

How To Become A California Security Guard

This articles reviews the steps one needs to take to become a California security officer. It also suggests what one should do after they get their license to become more employable.

Relax and Fight For Yourself

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. How often do workers get squeezed by rigid systems that don’t allow them to take advantage of what they are good at. There is no excuse for this when you are considered an independent contractor in the financial industry.

How to Challenge Yourself and Tweak Your Organization

I work with clients in many kinds of organizations, including large corporations, government agencies and universities, small firms and sole practitioners. Despite the differences, some challenges are common to them all. And some weeks it feels like most people are worrying about the same issues.

Work’s Irresistible Ingredient: Part 6

You may be good at your job without loving it. However, those who are great at their work are those who love what they do.

How to Select a Mediation Training

So, you’ve decided you want to get trained in the art and science of mediation. How do you select a training program? Well, there are at least ten factors you should consider.

All That You Should Know About Dental Assistant Salary

Given the fact that dental assistant salary is very attractive, entering this profession can be truly rewarding. If your reason for choosing a career is having a good salary and enjoying greater benefits, then the profession of a dental assistant is appropriate. You even have the facility of not doing a coursework of four years, since a training of a few weeks is enough. This training has a curriculum, which is based on practical studies. This helps you to gain all the required skills without missing anything important.

Four Steps to Becoming a Mediator

Do you think there has to be a better way to resolve conflict? Are you looking for a challenging but rewarding career? Mediation may be the career for you. These are the four steps you need to take to build a successful career as a mediator.

Project Management No-Nos That Apply To Your Job, Too

Though I’m not a project manager, I often pick up issues of PM Network to see what kind of career advice it has. I often find that the career advice it gives is widely transferable to many fields beyond project management. The February 2012 issue of PM Network boasts an article titled “10 Mistakes That Could Get You Fired,” which I found to be both enlightening and applicable to almost all industries.

Are You Making A Difference In Your Career?

Many people I speak with tell me they want to make a difference. They want to contribute at work, do more, and make an impact in their career. But when asked if they are making that difference, the answer is usually NO. Not due to lack of want, but lack of courage, direction, or a plan.

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