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Becoming a Medical Transcriber – The Definitive Handbook to Working at Home

Medical transcription is the ultimate career for anyone who wants to work at their home office. Most other jobs that people work from home do not offer the same amount of benefits as medical transcription, which is what makes it different from all the rest. No other career can match or beat a career in transcription.

Writing a Resume For an Executive Position

An executive position demands great responsibility so an executive resume must demonstrate that you’ve got the gumption to deliver the skills and savvy required to carry a company. Your resume needs to be of the highest calibre because you can guarantee that that of you competitors will be.

Starting a Retail Garden Store

One of the most profitable businesses to start offline today is owning and operating a garden retail store. Many novice and professional gardeners will chose to shop at a full time garden store as apposed to those big mart chain stores that will close during the winter season and employee folks who have no knowledge of gardening or garden products.

You’ve Asked For Feedback – How to Receive the Results

So much thought and detail go into the process of facilitating a 360 that it can be hard to believe anything might be left out. But there is, and it’s the step that leaves you most alone. If you’re a leader who has received 360 results in the past or who expects a 360 in the future, be prepared for the most difficult step: receiving the feedback.

How to Get the Most From Your Coaching Experience

Enlisting the services of an IT Architecture coach to help with your career is going to involve a significant amount of time and money on your part. Like anything else in life what you get out of coaching will depend on what you put in. So we’ve created this guide to help you get the most out of your investment.

The Outer Perspective of a Careers Coach

It’s very easy to lose your way in life. You could get stuck in a job just because it’s handy for home and you like the people that work there. Why would you want to go through all the stress involved in moving to another position? But one day you might wake up and think my career hasn’t progressed as much as I wanted it to. But just how many years have you wasted in-between.

Speak Up to Stand Out in a Challenging Economy

As rising unemployment makes headlines nationwide, job security is on the mind of many young professionals. Making matters worse, this is our generation’s first major economic downturn. Older generations have weathered this storm before and know that the economy will eventually turn around. My generation, Gen Y, does not have that personal history to fall back on. Instead, we forward the stories of our friends who were fired through a generic e-mail or who learned their employer was going out of business while watching late-night TV. All this leads young professionals to wonder how they can improve their job security.

Gen Y – The Ethics of Professionalism

Imagine for a moment that you’ve been asked to collect money from your co-workers to buy decorations for your office holiday party. The boss gave you an envelope and sent you on your way with clear instructions: ask every one of your fifty co-workers if they want to pitch in some money to support the party. You go around the office and by the end of the day you have $150 in cash. No one knows how much you collected except for you. Would you a) total up all the money and give it to your boss or b) take a little of it for your collection efforts? I mean no one would know but you…

Gen Y – How to Dine For Dollars Without Leaving Hungry

I’m too young to remember the three-martini lunch. My dad tells me it was popular when the economy was chugging along and expense accounts were not audited. My, how things have changed. Nowadays companies scrutinize every request for meal reimbursement-and that’s if you can get away long enough to have lunch! As the rules that govern a business meal have increased, so has the importance of sharing food and precious face time with colleagues and clients.

Mom I Love You, But Stop Calling My Boss!

During a recent speech I was giving on connecting generations in the workplace, I asked the audience of corporate executives how Generation Y differs from their other employees. After hearing the usual complaints of Gen Y employees being late to work or listening to their iPod during meetings, one executive shared a story that was so outrageous even I had trouble believing it.

Why Start a Business – 3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business Today

If you’re serious about starting a business but are still debating and questioning your final decision then don’t worry because it is a normal feeling. As you continue to read you will discover and learn 3 reasons why you should start a business today that will help you reach some clarity in your mind.

Effort Vs Hard Work

A young man was explaining to his father how he didn’t need to practice football anymore since they have not lost a game all season. The father took the son to his workshop and laid a thin piece of wooden board on his workbench and handed his son a penknife. He told him to scratch a line across the middle of the board.

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