How Much Does The McNeel Fam Make on YouTube

Medical Transcription Jobs – What Does The Future Hold?

With many people looking to the health care field as their next career choice, many are confused as to which field they should train for. Here’s a look at the very popular medical transcriptionist field and what you can expect in the future.

I Have $1,000 to Invest – Becoming a Skills Broker

Skill brokerage is one of the ways investigated, by way of taking what exists, in the real world, and migrate it to the online space. The basics of how to do this are covered in this article.

Making the Transition From College Graduate To Job Seeker

There is a certain amount of relief when a student finally graduates from college; the years of hard work through all levels of school have finally paid off and they now stand, degree in hand, with their future laid out before them. That relief tends to be short lived when the reality strikes home that student loans now have to be paid and it’s time to get a real job! Trying to land that first big job is always a daunting task, but perhaps even more so, at the moment given the tight job market.

Advanced Career Training

Advanced career training is the kind of training with specializations in hospitality, retail, business, and other kinds which an unemployed person can have better benefits and advantages of. A person can have this kind of training whether he is in school or is already employed. This is advanced training which can improve the person’s skills, and thus give him good chances of getting a higher position, if he is already employed, or chances of getting good employment, if he still hasn’t got employment of any kind. This is a kind which can provide a complete training plan required in some companies.

Understanding Job Requirements

Reviewing and responding to job requisitions can be challenging. As a job seeker, no doubt you have often scratched your head and wondered just what an employer wanted. Let me help you decipher and respond to those puzzling job postings.

There Is No Better Career Experience Than Running Your Own Small Business

Not long ago, I was at Starbucks and I was lamentin to another small business person that I am semiretired, and not too interested in starting another company right now due to all the rules and regulations, and the anti-business owner class warfare going on in the politic. He told me I could always get a job just about anywhere, and he asked if I had a degree. Whereas, I do have a two-year degree from college, couple of those, I do not have any advanced degrees.

When Bad Jobs Happen to Good People

People take the wrong job everyday for different reasons and then are surprised when it doesn’t work out. It’s like going into a marriage unsure and then being surprised when you end up in divorce court. Learn key insights and helpful tips that are critical to your success.

Writing Your Business Plan and Developing Your Online Presence

For start up small business owners, it is critical to understand how to effectively write a business plan. If you are wishing to start a business, your first move should be to construct your plan on action.

Is Letting Go So Hard to Do?

Imagine yourself wearing a parachute inside a light aircraft at 10,000 feet above the earth. You are just one step away from jumping out but one of your hands holds tight to the edge of the doorway. Are you thinking: “Do I need to jump? Isn’t it safer to get back inside and let the pilot land the plane?”

Job Hunting Is Like Dog Training

Many job seekers face a challenge communicating effectively during a job interview. They land the interview and then unconsciously make the same mistakes over and over. They fail to communicate the right information or don’t project confidence at a key point and someone else gets the offer.

How to Choose the Right Career in a Bad Economy

Choosing a career is one of the most difficult decisions a person can make. This article discusses ways to make the process easier and will give you a clear direction on how to choose a career that will work for you.

How To Deal With Office Politics – Tips For Getting Along With Co-Workers And Dealing With Politics

Today we are focusing on creating a positive work environment and dealing with difficult co-workers. Office politics, griping and negativity can make for an uncomfortable office, a dysfunctional team and lots of miserable employees. Working well with others goes a long way toward building a happy, healthy workplace.

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