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How To Make Your Case For a Promotion

I estimate that over 80% to 90% of individuals never ask for a promotion. Worse still, of those who do, over 95% don’t plan well enough before pitching for it. Considering what’s at stake, it is surprising that so many individuals don’t have a robust plan to achieve their career goals.

How To Cash In When You Get Fired!

Nobody likes to lose their job but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, if you do it right it can even become quite profitable and that’s what I’d like to discuss in this article today.

Can I Still Change My Career?

Deciding whether or not to change careers is a very touch decision, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate. There are 3 key things that you need to get right in order to change careers and when you follow them you should be well on your way to having the career of your dreams.

Recession Proof Business Ideas

Are you looking for a way to generate you own income and be your own boss? Thousands of companies each year are started by people with no formal education, no business plan and generally no idea what they are doing. The truth is, many of these companies have succeeded into the future and earned greater profits than their competitors. The difference is having the desire to reach a dream and learning to conquer anything that happens in between. Our economy will always be on a cycle, it is safe to say that there will be many more recessions in the future, for this reason building on a business that is sustainable is the best option.

Trouble Finding a Job? – Here’s How to Work Your Troubles Away

If you still have trouble finding a job and are still unemployed, hang in there, you’re going to find one soon! You have to maintain a positive attitude; otherwise, you will give in to your despair and totally run your will to get hired completely off-course.

Make Your Best Business Or Career Decision Now

You can see your best decision in hindsight so it’s obviously available to be seen in foresight. Most either delay making tough, important decisions for far too long or they make them far too quickly. What’s up with that? When did we begin associating discomfort with making the right career or business decision? Decisions come easier when we can know the truth about who we are and what our purpose is. Keep reading to see what I know about you.

Best MBA Programs – How to Make Use of the Rankings

There are many important MBA rankings available to identify the best MBA programs. But have you ever thought about how to read them? This article focuses on the importance of analyzing the methodology in order to fully understand the MBA rankings. It also gives some further advice on how you can use rankings to choose the right business school for you.

Personal Training – How to Establish Yourself As a Fitness Coach and Make More Money

Personal training is a profession skilled at covering the growing consumer demand for an overall healthy lifestyle, one achieved through good diet, consistent exercise and a generally healthy attitude. Traditionally, personal trainers have been attached to a particular gym or partnership. But is this the way to make the most of your time and skill as a personal trainer?

Do You Hate To Go To Work? Have You Outgrown Your Job? I Have The Answers

Not for sure if now is the right time to finally quit your job? Not “leaving your work at work”? Then I have some important information you need to read!

Working As a Child Safety Consultant

Whether you are a retired teacher looking for a way to supplement your income or you are an Early Childhood college graduate, opening a child safety consulting business can be a viable way to earn a living. First-time parents often need help learning how they can child-proof their homes, making them safer for their new arrival. Day care facilities also use consultants to help them maintain compliance with state and local health codes. Even large companies that offer daycare services on their grounds may need the help of a child safety consultant.

AIU Online Associate Degree in Human Resources

An associate’s degree in human resources prepares you for many positions for a career in this field such as a compensation and benefits manager, training manager, and human resources manager as well. The coursework you will be involved in includes employee to employer relations, strategies for management, learning about compensation and benefits, safety of the workplace, and etc. These are the basic fundamental skills employers are looking for when hiring human resources professionals.

Why Multiple Streams of Income Theory Is a False God and Why You Should Beware!

We sure hear a lot of advice regarding the need for multiple streams of income don’t we. And one could say this is somewhat similar to the theory that; “I’d rather have 1% from 100 people instead of 100% from one person.” Granted that is intuitive and appears to be common sense right?

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