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How To Be Professional In Resume Writing

Your resume should market you as a good candidate for the job being offered. Make it stand out if you want to be competitive among the other vying for the same position. To be professional in resume writing, here are some tips you have to keep in mind:

Effectively Managing At-Home Workers

When your company hires at-home workers for telecommuting positions, your company may enjoy decreased overhead and increased profits. You may also experience common issues that often accompany managing this dynamic workforce. By understanding the most common challenges with managing at-home workers, you will be better able to meet these challenges and generate the most profit for your company.

How To Make A Great First Impression at a New Company

People automatically form ideas and impressions of others within just a few seconds of meeting for the first time. These perceptions are based on a number of things, such as appearance, demeanor, attitude, speaking voice, and even the way we shake hands. It is important to make positive first impressions upon a new employer and your colleagues, as it is difficult to change negative initial judgments.

Know What Research Analyst Jobs Are All About

Research and analysis are two skills associated with high paying jobs. So lets take a look at what these jobs are all about.

Failure Is Not an Option – Traits of Successful Professionals

If failure is not an option, than the traits listed are universal, actionable and valuable for any professional seeking to be an influencer in his/her field. When it come to arts, a successful Art Professional views the art world differently than creatives, dealers and private collectors. We constantly seek opportunities rather than the next sale, we leverage consumer dynamics with available resources to cultivate mutually beneficial outcomes. These traits are the build blocks.

Tips For Balancing Work And Family

Does balancing work and family seem like an impossible task? I struggle with this every day, especially once summer comes and the kids are home ALL THE TIME. As a mother of two young children, figuring out how to juggle everything has become a personal quest of mine. A recent article in The Atlantic looks at some of the numbers in recent studies on work-life balance in the U.S., and it makes an interesting read. Why do so many struggle with this balancing act? Is there ever a happy medium?

What Job Do You Want Next?

But if you like what you are doing, you still need to decide what you want for your next career step. Staying in the same position at the same company (and salary) for your whole career just is not happening these days.

Jobs on Twitter: How Recruiters Find the Right Candidates on Twitter

Making those jobs tweet is just beginning to find some traction in the marketplace. According to 54% of recruiters are now using Twitter to find candidates for their open positions, but only 15 percent of jobs are filled that way. What can you do to make your Twitter presence more “findable” by recruiters? And how can you find jobs to apply for using Twitter?

The Black Hole

Have you ever heard of anyone saying that they sent their resume to a company but it seems to have disappeared into a black hole? How does that happen?

Ideas for Finding Jobs Overseas

For many people the dream of finding jobs overseas is quite flowering; it is an opportunity to greener pastures for them. However, not many secure a niche in the search for international jobs; few convert their dreams into reality.

When Your Boss Won’t Change

There are plenty of things we’d like to change about a manager, but what should you do if everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked? Check out these ideas to keep yourself sane and focused on the right stuff.

How Physicians Can Improve Their Finances, Their Practices And Their Lives

Doctors today are reporting that they are having to work more hours and receive less pay — especially those who are primary care and family physicians. So what can physicians do to improve their finances and practices in a way that enhances both their professional and personal lives?

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