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Facebook’s New Job Search and Networking Tool, the Professional Profile

Facebook just came out with its “Professional Profile” application allow FB fans to upload a resume, import their LinkedIn content, hang out a “seeking employment” sign and connect with a professional network. With my background in Career Services this naturally inspired me to check it out. If you go to your account and click on “application settings”, you will see an application called “Professional Profile”.

Maybe They’re Just Not That Into You – How to Know Your Interview Went Well

Job interviews can be a daunting adventure in patience, stress management and public speaking. Furthermore, leaving an interview with the “I nailed it” feeling is priceless. A natural tendency is to think about what the interviewer or interviewers thought about you and the interview.

Adopt the Attitude of the Self-Employed

We are all working for ourselves, whether it appears that way or not. We are all managing our own careers and most of us will work for a variety of companies during the course of our working life.

Things to Know About Entry Level Jobs

Setting high aims is good, but not at the start of a career. You have to start from somewhere and then climb the ladder gradually.

Career Personality Test

It is very common for companies to ask candidates to finish a psychometric test. This might be a battery of tests that encompass, verbal reasoning, numeracy, problem solving, which can be legitimately called tests. Unusually however you cannot fail or pass a personality test. It is regular parlance to refer to career personality tests, yet personality unlike the others cannot be a pass fail scenario.

Best Career Fair Secret – Stop Looking For a Job!

Tips on how to use a career fair to your best advantage. It may not be what you think!

Self-Employed to Employed – How to Stand Out in Your $100k Job Search

There is no doubt that unemployment is at an incredible high and that there is more competition for every available six figure job out there. At the same time so many of the companies that have folded were small business or those in industries where many of those who where employed were actually independent contractors or self-employed.

Federal Job Training Programs

These federal level programs are run by labor department or health department. These two departments help people who are unemployed and uneducated. These people are being taught useful skills that will help them attain a job at a NGO or health department as potential helpers.

Knowing What You Want to Do is Your First Step in an Effective Job Search

The first step in an effective job search is to write a resume, right? Wrong. Before you do anything else, decide what kind of job you want. That’s the opposite of what most people do. They reason, “Why should I limit myself? I need to be open to all the possibilities, don’t I? I can’t afford to be picky. I need a job and I need it now. Unfortunately, that’s just plain wrong.

How to Make Great Money Working As a Taxi Driver

One New Year’s Eve I made 500 dollars after all my expenses for the night were paid! Now this is great money! Try going to an off shore oil rig and make that kind of money! A lot of times, I made over 250 dollars a night! Not too shabby!

Accessorize For Work

Learn to use your clothing accessories to your advantage. Looking good means a lot on first impressions.

Use of Seating Plans

Seating plans can be helpful tools. Here are some things to consider if you plan on using them.

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