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Career Planning – What to Do If Your Job Isn’t What You Want to Do

Too many people think career planning is all about maximizing income potential. It’s not. It’s about maximizing life potential; getting an income you can live on is part of that — but don’t, for example, guide yourself onto a career path you’re going to hate.

Your Career Planning Guide

If you have no direction with respect to your career, then once you graduate from school you may find yourself with nowhere to go. This happens to many new graduates. A well-paying job or a brilliant career is not an afterthought. Rather, careful planning, with efforts in the decided direction for months and years ahead is what makes a great career.

Career Planning Guidance – Where to Find Help

Career planning is one task that we have to think about at some point in our lives. It may not be the first thing that we want to work on but we have to take the necessary steps to create the perfect career planning process in order to fulfill our needs and meet our expectations. There are many ways to endure career planning and we have to take it seriously so that we are able to do what makes us happy and a great financial success.

Leadership Coaching – Learn The Secrets Of Starting Your New Role Successfully

Attention leaders and managers- learn the secrets of starting a new role or project successfully. These tips from a leadership coach will help you get great results quickly. You know when you are newly recruited or promoted and you have that awful feeling of dread, you don’t know where to start, there’s so much to do, how should you prioritize it all… plus there are so many people to meet and so much stuff to understand? It can be so daunting can’t it?

Career Planning For Baby Boomers – Staying Motivated

Staying constantly motivated and being able to handle rejection easily are the cornerstones of success with any kind of job-search. This is more so, for the mature worker seeking post-retirement employment, wanting to re-enter the workforce after a gap, or simply choosing to change their field of work.

Career Coaching – Could You Cope With Being Made Redundant?

As much as we hope it will never happen to us, we are all at risk of being made redundant at one time or another. The key to getting through the experience is to be prepared for whatever happens next. Most people get at least some notice of impending redundancy, and it is vital to make sure you take advantage of whatever time you have before the event itself happens.

Career Advice – The Reason Careers Fail

Failures or shortfalls in careers do not usually result from the lack of education and training. The number one reason for such disappointments is most often not knowing “how to work”. Said another way, the difference between winners and losers in the world of work is that achievers know how to translate their “know-what-to-do” skills into “how-to-get- things-done” strategies and actions.

Career Advice – How To Identify Achievers And Be One

The surest way to become a high achiever on the career path is to adopt the traits of those who have earned that status. Winners are identified by 13 indicators.

Death of the Career Path

Do you have a career path or a career portfolio? Read this article to see how to develop and manage your career as a portfolio.

Creating Multiple Income Streams

Vulnerability in the private employment sector is huge today. The single career option is now a liability and we must consider how to network ourselves and our skill sets to decrease the liability and increase financial freedom.

Career Advice – Are You Letting Other People Decide Your Future?

Having friends you can share your ideas and goals in life with is something very nice, some say that taking advice from older people who have lived through certain situations is the very essence of wisdom however, do you know where to draw the line and stop taking advice from someone else in order to make your own decisions? In order to answer this question we must first have a clear concept of our personality, are you easy to influence? Do you set your goals based on your own desires?

Career Advice – Turf Hogs Are Dangerous Beasts

These marauders are easy to identify, but difficult to deal with. Left to their own devices, they will run amok. They can disrupt your career path. Turf Hogs work hard at gaining credit for the ideas and work of others. They assume authority where none has been granted. They claim to be team players while invading the territory of others. When confronted, their usual defense is “Who, me? I was just trying to be a team player and help others for the good of the organization.”

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