Risk And Rewards

The basic fundamentals of any business endeavor is to consider the risk and rewards involved to reach a certain outcome. The recent news about a major insurance carrier considering pulling out of the Affordable Care Act market is a perfect example of the unknown risk of accepting many people with certain medical conditions that has caused surmountable claims that now have that organization wanting to remove themselves from this new arena in the coming years ahead.

Dreaming to Become a Digital Nomad? Here’s What You Should Know

Are you longing to get rid of the chain at your feet? Are you looking forward to a career free from time calculators, desktops and the boring 9-5 routine? Just packing your bags and setting off won’t do you any good. You have to know a lot of things about such a life before you choose to become one of them- the digital nomads. No idea what they are? Well, the following post is here just for you to get an idea.

Fishing In The Desert

Imagine that your whole life, since you were a little kid, you have been taught to fish in the desert. So what happens? At a very early age, you notice that your parents wake-up very early, everyday at about 6 am. They grab their fishing pole and head out to the desert to go fishing.

Prison Vs Work

How would you feel if you broke the law and knew that you would have to go to prison? Most people (normal people) go the extra mile to avoid breaking the law and will do anything they can to avoid going to prison.

What Will It Take to Be Financially Free?

What I am talking about is your money mindset. Your mindset about money shapes your actions and shows up in your bank account. That is one thing you can alter that will have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.

Basic Principles of a Modern Business Dress Code

A lot of business companies today have unspoken rules of a corporate dress code; some of them even have the written ones. The importance of business attire and its influence on the customers has been recognized by most of the world. The right clothing of the personnel symbolizes professionalism and loyalty for the clients.

Am I Ready? 3 Musts Before You Quit Your Job

It’s bad, really bad. You know that this job or career isn’t for you. While you can daydream about walking into your office and telling your boss to shove it, that isn’t the smartest thing to do with out having your affairs in order. Let’s talk about the 3 must haves before you quit your job.

Increasing Gender Diversity in the Auto Service Industry

Are you struggling to meet your Perkins goals for nontraditional enrollment? Discover strategies, secrets, tips and ideas for creating awareness of your nontraditional CTE class or program.

Is It Time to Call It Quits?

Have you ever stayed in a job, relationship or living situation for too long? I mean, you knew it was not your ideal situation and you stayed because you thought you could either make it work or you were too lazy or scared to move on.

Are You Working for a Micro-Managing Boss?

Are you working for a micro-manager? If you’re reading this, you probably strongly suspect that you are. Handling a micro-manager boss is like having an additional job, because on top of getting the actual work done, you’ve also got to do the make-work necessary to keep the micro-manager reassured and happy.

Gurgaon Holds Promising Opportunities for IT Graduates

Gurgaon is fast emerging as one of the fastest growing IT cities in India. The article is written to highlight the growing prospects of IT graduates in the city.

On Becoming an Individualpreneur – Taking Control of Your Career

An individualpreneur is an individual who has a career based upon multiple income streams, part “institutional and traditional,” and part “entrepreneurial and aspirational.” In the past, the source of most individuals’ primary income was institutional from a full-time job in a stable enterprise. However, in the future most individuals will earn income from multiple sources, both institutional and entrepreneurial, including full or part-time employment, consulting, freelancing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and investments.

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