How Much Does Brian’s Farming Videos Make on YouTube

The Ever Increasing Demand For Nurses

The number of people day by day who needs health care service continues to skyrocket. Statistics actually show that it’s not only hospitals that are in need of nurses but also other institutions such as schools, companies, rehabilitation centers and nursing care facilities.

Become A Successful Registered Nurse

The nursing profession poses an influential role when it comes to advocating wellness and fitness. In fact, part of the task of a registered nurse is to teach and impart this message not only to the patients they are taking care of but also to families, groups and communities.

Become a Trusted Stripper to Improve Your Stripper Salary

If you are thinking about becoming a stripper, you are going to have to learn how to gain rapport with the customers. If you want a top earning stripper salary, this article will describe the importance of being trusted.

Make More Money As An Independent Nurse

Gone are the days when nurses are only limited to career options in a hospital or medical facility. The current times actually pose more and more options which a nursing professional may actually take. There are opportunities now in becoming an independent nursing, a nurse registry or even becoming a business owner of a nursing agency.

Bullying In The Workforce

Bullying should not be allowed in the workforce yet it does happen, and it will keep happening. The only way around the issue is to not let the Bully have the upper hand and to continue with the behaviour. Every industry will have some degree of bullying, yet the Nursing Industry seems to be over flowing with the old way of nurses thinking that they can treat younger staff members in a way that is degrading. To stand up to a form of bullying takes courage. Do you have what it takes?

Stripper Salary – How to Get Him to Say Yes

Do you want to become a stripper and earn an above average stripper salary? Are you already an exotic dancer who wants to take her stripper career to the next level? In order to become a top earning stripper you have to be able to get him to say yes to lap dances and champagne rooms. This article will give you some hints on how to do that.

Making Working From Home Work For You

Are you contemplating working from home or do you already work from home? More and more people are packing up their briefcases and staying at home to do their work. Whether you are tele-commuting part time or working from home full time there are some things you can do to make it easier for you to be successful working from your home. This article lists as few of them. I would be very interested to hear from you about some others you have found to be helpful so please leave your comments at the end of the article.

Become a Super Stripper Salary – Customer Service Part 1

If you want to become a Super Stripper and command a high stripper salary, then you must get back to the basics of customer service. This is the first of a two part article is going to review why “Wanna Dance” doesn’t work and why you should invest in sales training.

The Secret of a Great Career – Is You!

Author of “Detox your career” and this article suggests that career success is rarely down to good luck (though it is said this is why others are successful). You can and must make it happen. Read how.

Twitter Tips for Job Seekers

Find out how to use Twitter during your job search. Learn more about Twitter, social media, and social networking tips for job seekers.

Juggle With Some Of The Most Exciting Jobs

Is it pretty often in the day when you wonder that your job hadn’t been as boring as it is? You just hate sitting blandly before the computer, dealing with scores of dry, uninteresting data and making a living out of it. Do you dream of being that DJ on the music floor, or the ramp queen, a mountaineer, or even a football player with thousands of fans cheering you on?

Setting Job Search Goals – 7 Tips for Job Search Success

Goal setting is not a new concept. While you learned how to set goals years ago, that doesn’t mean you’re especially good at it. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Follow these 7 tips to reach your job search goals and celebrate!

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