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Objective – Career Success

During these challenging economic times it is easy to lose sight of goals and objectives – family, professional, financial and others. Now is actually the best time to review and refine your objectives. While many others talk on and on about family, financial and personal success, it is appropriate that professional success not get lost in the mix. By asking yourself the following questions, you can better define your formula for professional success and establish metrics for tracking your performance over time.

Warning to Graduates

Every year, more and more graduates are leaving school unprepared to create the life of wealth, abundance and freedom that they’re searching for. Way too many graduates and young people today are living paycheck to paycheck. They owe hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

5 Clarifying Questions to Identify Your Next Profession, Even After 40, Even in a Tough Economy

Do you want to make a move but aren’t sure what comes next? Are you afraid that your dreams are out of date, but you know (or at least hope) there’s still more ahead of you? Clarifying what you want is the essential first step to attaining your goals. These 5 questions provide a foundation for seeing what is both important and natural for you and are designed to provoke insight to guide a successful career transition.

Job Searches

With the state of the economy and increase in the loss of jobs in the United States many people are searching for new jobs. It wasn’t long ago when most of the searches were made by people looking to upgrade their job, but now there are increasing numbers of people who are seeking employment of any kind to pay their bills.

3 Undeniable Reasons Why Bad Times Can Be Good Times For Your Successful Career Transition

Are you burned out, fed up and bored with your job but think you’re stuck with it until the economy turns around? It’s awful to feel trapped, but you don’t have to look at it that way. You actually have advantages now that you did not have when the dough was rolling in. This article offers 3 reasons why bad times can be good times for career transition, especially for professional women over 40.

3 Unexpected Ways to Take Advantage of a Tough Economy to Create Your Successful Career Transition

Are you waiting to begin your career transition until the economy is better? While it’s true that fewer companies are hiring right now, you have some advantages in starting your transition now that you might not realize. This article explores 3 reasons why now is a perfect time for women over 40 to begin to create the work they really want. Don’t wait for a better economy to do the work that reflects who you are!

Career Advice – How to Survive the Career Tsunami

The world of work is experiencing changes of tsunamic proportions. Career paths are being impacted on a scale not seen since the Big Depression of the 1920s-30s. New opportunities are opening; old ones are going up in smoke. Conduct a reality check to determine if you are prepared to survive and achieve career success in this changing, volatile environment.

Asking For Help is Not a Sign of Weakness

When you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Yes, everyone tells you to ‘stand on your own two feet’ and take responsibility for your actions, but if you haven’t experienced a situation before, how can you know what to do? There are times when you know you don’t have the expertise, such as when looking for a new job and needing to write your resume. If your pride prevents you from getting help and you just do the writing yourself, it may well cost you the opportunity you were seeking.

Developing a Compelling Mission

A mission statement is a declaration of what you most want to do and accomplish in life. There is no set length to a mission statement. It can be a few sentences to a few paragraphs or more.

Finding Empowerment in Transition

Transition can knock you down and turn you inside out if you let it. Learn how to stay empowered and creative during a life or career shift – whether you chose it or not!

Marketing Your Time

The fundamental resource that you can market is your own time, your very life. Never underestimate how precious your experience is, or how valuable your unique outlook is to others.

Career Advice – Your Company’s Reputation Can Affect Yours

Lagging sales. Board-member corruption. Lawsuits. Being employed by an organization that has a poor reputation as a corporate citizen can negatively reflect on your own professionalism.

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