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Switching Careers: How to Manage the Process!

With the downturn in the economy switching careers has become much more common. The demand for some professions are disappearing or shrinking while others have increased. With this turmoil all around us changing careers can be a challenging task. Here are some ideas to get you started in switching careers along with some mistakes to avoid.

How to Open Your Own Business

Opening up your own retail business can be a wonderful way to make a good living. Opening a retail business is not as complicated as you think. Like any business, there must be careful planning about where to buy the products and where to sell them.

4 Intelligent Questions and Answers By Younger Sales Job Seekers

Q: Are There Certain Industries I Should Avoid? A: No. This is a mistake made by many young job seekers.

Tips in Finding Work at Home Jobs

Today, finding a job is a challenging task for job seekers whether it is a traditional job or an online job. Work at home jobs are more difficult to find than traditional jobs, but if you know how to find them, you can definitely land a good job that will give you a good salary. Work at home jobs could be found online and locally. There are the 3 best ways to follow in searching for a work at home job.

Is Mystery Shopping Really for You?

Have you heard or thought about becoming a mystery shopper? Here is everything you need to know to decide whether it is a career for you!

Models and Photographers – The Importance of Working Together at a Photo Session

There is a special relationship between the model and photographer. Whether the model or photographer has little experience or is a working pro there should be an element of “comfort”. The photographer has many different technical and creative challenges when photographing a model, so the model shouldn’t expect miracles based solely upon leaving everything up to the photographer.

How To Write Selection Criteria Examples

Whenever you’re looking for a job with the government or any other business, you need to show them that you’re qualified for the advertised role. All advertised roles for the government expect detailed information on selection criteria examples in order to determine whether or not you’re qualified for the position.

Ever Changing Tide: Pathways of a Law Clerk Career

Everything is changing so rapidly in our world today, especially where we look to find new career and employment opportunities. Like many Canadians, I have been faced with the challenging reality of making a career change, after secure employment with the same company for twenty-four years. I had to take a hard look and see what my options were, and found that pursuing a career as a law clerk, might be both interesting and challenging as a new venture.

High Fashion Modeling Requirements As an Editorial Model – More Factors Than Just Tall and Skinny

Educating yourself to recognizing what editorial print modeling realistically “looks” like in a high fashion magazine is the first step to understanding the variations of the different types of editorial modeling and how it is different from the other more common types of “commercial” print modeling work. Editorial work in a magazine is a huge “jump-start” for a fashion model’s career. It is the experience many strive for.

Interview Tips – Show your CEO qualities

An executive interview can be very different from those for general positions. It’s usually conducted in a more “relaxed”, conversational style, instead of Q&A. So, an ability to hold a conversation and keep your interviewers engaged in it is crucial. Here are a few things that might help you to win that CEO job.

4 Ways To Prepare For the Certified Professional Photographer Exam

Preparing for the Certified Professional Photographer Exam or CPP Exam is part of the process to become a certified photographer. It is a part of a 3 stage process to become a certified photographer.

Careers In the Fashion Industry

If you are either considering a career in the fashion industry as a model, purveyor or supplier, you are going to want to check this out! Here is the inside scoop, read more….

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