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Career Advice – The Myths Of Success Are Exposed

I’m fed up with being bombarded daily on the Internet and via snail mail with get-rich-quick myths about career success. How about you? This article exposes the myths that are offered in the name of career advice.

Career Advice – Are You Meeting Their Expectations?

Career Advice: Understanding what your boss, your direct reports and your peers expect from you and meeting those expectations is essential your career success. This article describes what each constituency wants.

Lesson Plans for Choosing a Career Path

Choosing a career path is an important part of life. We spend most of our waking life at our jobs, so choosing the right career path is very crucial to our overall happiness and satisfaction in life.

Career Advice – Learn To Trust Your Gut Reactions

You may call it intuition, gut reaction, hunch, imagination or sixth sense. Whatever, until you are ready to depend on that “quick and ready insight” (Webster’s definition) that empowers you to make decisions based on “just knowing” beyond hard facts and figures, you will not function at full speed on your career path. There are four steps in intuition-based decision making.

Career Counseling for Change – Five Important Keys to a Successful Direction and Transition

Are you dissatisfied with your career and thinking about making a change? People are most fulfilled and successful when the find work they love to do and utilize their talents and abilities. This article shows 5 important keys to making a successful career change.

The Top 5 Things to Consider When Thinking Of Changing Your Career Path

Change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean one cannot learn to make something worthwhile of the necessary changes that life presents us with. Careers are great; they keep you on a steady part. When you choose a career, it helps you narrow down your options and helps you build yourself better.

Recession Proof Career Advice

There is a lot of concern over today’s economy and the possible employment issues, (please note that the employment picture looks very strong), it could bring. There are many whom are looking for answers to some tough questions.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Thank You Letter

I’ve been asked many, many times, “Do I really need to send a Thank You letter to the employer?”… and the answer is always, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Okay, so I am a bit anal about Thank You letters. I know that–especially after a wedding or birthday. But do we need to do it after an interview? Does the employer really care? Does it really make a difference? YES!

What is the #1 “Skill” Employers Are Looking For?

The #1 “Skill” that employers are looking for is: Critical Thinking.  An exceptional professor I had years ago (affectionately called Dr. G.) once said to me: “Chuck, if you don’t want to be like everyone else, don’t act like everyone else!” These words resonated with me through the years and I would like to share with you what they mean.

Graduate Career Paths For Undecided Professionals

Everyone who is familiar with the university scene in the United Kingdom knows about the term undecided. While many young students are set along a specific path in the university setting, just as many are unable to focus in on a specific job or field that they want to enter upon graduation. Some of these students find their focus along the way but many young professionals are still uncertain about how to proceed in their postgraduate careers.

Choosing the Right Nursing Job – Nurses Have Many Career Paths In the Medical Industry

Find out about many different nursing career paths, including how much each type of nurse gets paid and their respective job responsibilities. Learn which nursing job is right for you, and how to take advantage of the current nursing shortage in the U.S. Nurses are in demand throughout the United States, so this is a great time to launch a nursing career.

Career Advice – 4 Tactics To Accelerate Your Career

It’s surprising how often ambitious men and women fail to employ four basic tactics in their pursuit of career success. These are easy to apply; they are common sense in action. There are just two requirements. One, you are sincere in your feelings. Two, you must dampen your ego.

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