How Much Does Paper and Moose Make On YouTube

How To Not Ruin Your Best Resume

For fresh graduates, having the best resume is a big issue. They consider it their key to getting hired by a reputable company. This is actually true since they have little or no work experience. Because of this, many struggle to make the best resume.

Medical Transcription and Scribes

The use of scribes has been a topic of discussion quite a bit lately, so I thought it was time to talk about it here and see what your thoughts are. If you’re not yet familiar with the term, a scribe is a person who goes into the exam room with a physician and does the documentation on the patient visit into an electronic record, using a laptop or some type of portable device.

The 3 Priorities to Achieve Balance for a Happy, Successful Life

I have worked in the business world for many years. The saddest thing I have witnessed is to see someone who has work very hard, spending the majority of their time creating a successful career. They finally reach that pinnacle of success in their career that they were striving for and they look around and that’s all they have. Their marriage and family is gone, kicked to the curb by over focusing on their career. They had lost all sense of balance. They have achieved the dream career, but their life is in ruins.

Make Things Easy For You When You Join A New Office

Going to a new job is almost similar to a child starting to go to school. Of course, the difference is that there will not be any orientation given to the child. The child automatically and slowly starts getting used to the atmosphere in the school. But, you may be getting some sort of training to have the ‘feel’ of the job.

What Does Luck Have to Do With Success?

We all have heroes. Someone we admire. They may excel in our favorite sport, or they could have reached a level of success in business we aspire to obtain. We, all, need heroes. When we pick heroes, we are celebrating their achievement of excellence. What does it take to reach their level of excellence?

Super Qualified Candidate, But Will He Ever Land A Job?

If you are still out of work, do you have an idea of what you want to do? Do you have the necessary background? Are you afraid of making a mistake with your next job? Is your spouse employed? Are you on unemployment? When does unemployment run out? You may need a “reality-check” or a “tough love” discussion to get back to reality.

Contract to Hire – Is It Right for You?

So one day your phone rings, and it’s a recruiter. He describes what sounds like a great opportunity, and you’re getting excited. Then, he tells you it is a contract-to-hire position…

Lessons Earned in the Work Place – What Happens When You Settle for Less Than Your Dream Job

An annoyed co-worker provided a book title and lessons that led to a lifetime of dream jobs. What happened when a young woman demanded to know: “How Did You Get That Job?”

The First Failures of Leadership and Management

Bad leadership and management starts early. Too many managers have never experienced good management or seen good leadership. When they’re promoted, many fall into the first failures of leadership and management outlined in this short article.

Why it is Important to Keep Your Language Clean at Work

If we are being honest, most of us have probably cursed on the job before. Did you realize that you could be terminated for that breach in office etiquette?

Become a Stripper – Is It Worth It to Travel?

Are you a stripper or thinking about becoming a stripper? Are you worried someone might recognize you in your hometown and think it’s a better option to travel someplace else? This article reviews the pros and cons of becoming a stripper who travels to earn her stripper salary.

Become a Super Stripper – Customer Service Part 2

If you want to become a stripper or improve your stripper salary you must read this article! It is the second part of the series of articles on customer service. Stripping is all about sales, and if you don’t have those skills you won’t be able to pay your bills!

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