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CPA Exam Review Courses – What Type of Student Are You?

If you are going to follow CPA exam review courses, it is important you understand how you acquire your knowledge. The types of learners described below are general guidelines, it is possible that, depending on a particular situation, you belong to more than one category.

Is the Career of Your Dreams Unrealistic?

Have you ever stopped yourself from considering your dream career or job because you thought it might be unrealistic? Learn that there is no such thing as an unrealistic career goal and why.

Career Change Success in 7 Steps

January 2010, USA Today reported a 45% job satisfaction rate in the USA. Yet for most the thought of changing careers at this time is not an option. To maintain productivity, innovation and creativity, staying in a job where you are disengaged is not an option.

Seven Secrets of Success in Your First Job

As stiff competition is omnipresent and omniscient in the job market to grab a job, one has to ensure success in first job to lay solid foundation for a great career. The following seven secrets will help you to become successful in your first job.

Travel Nurse – A Great Career at a Great Time

If you are a person that loves being a nurse and you love to travel then a career as a travel nurse is right for you. As a travel nurse you get to travel the country and work at various hospitals.

CNA Career – A Stepping Stone Into the Medical Field

The profession of being a CNA is one that can be quite beneficial to a person who is looking to get into the medical field. There are several opportunities that are available to a person looking at a CNA career that will give them a taste of what all is involved in being a nurse.

Future of CNA Jobs

Many people wonder what does the future hold in store when they become a certified nurses aide. These people worry that there will be a shortage of CNA jobs in the future.

CNA Employment – A Persons Window to the Medical World

Ask any certified nursing aide and they will tell you that their lifestyle choice is not one that is glamorous, or one that people are beating the doors down to join. They will tell you though that it is one of the more rewarding careers in the world.

How to Land Projects on Elance

The most important factor for freelancers is to be able to win projects or bids to ensure that work flows in steadily. Let me share with you some tips on how to win bids especially on Elance.

Apprenticeships – An Excellent Learning Experience

Apprenticeship is one of the most effective means any individual can use to acquire new skills, particularly in a highly specialized craft. A big advantage of on-the-job apprenticeship is having an income while you are taught.

Change Your Job – Love Your Life

Are you doing what you love? If not, you need to consider changing your job or career and do what you really love to do.

Five Tips to Keep Your Boss Happy!

Did you ever observe your Boss? He is always punctual to the office in the morning and always leaves late in the evening. Even then next day he comes to the office in full enthusiasm. Do you want to emulate him? Always speak with enthusiasm. Motivate yourself with self-assertions. Your assertions will motivate you more when you are alone. Always realize that completion of the task on hand will lay better road to your future. Your Boss may be satisfied with performance. It may lead to your pay hike or promotion.

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