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The key to a successful job interview is preparation. If an interviewee is not prepared for an interview, then the result may only have a 50% success. Nowadays, employers may conduct two kinds of interviews; it can either be a phone interview or a personal interview. Preparations for both interviews are essential because you may never know which type of interview will be conducted by the employer. So what are the types of preparations that you should do for phone or personal interviews?

4 Tips for How to React to Negative Performance Feedback

All day long, negative feedback surrounds us. We knowingly take a sip of steaming hot coffee and burn our tongues. We race across the street rather than wait for the light and get honked at by oncoming traffic. Or we try to make one extra stop before we need to be somewhere and are late. It happens. But when it happens during a performance review at work, that can be harder to swallow – especially if you aren’t expecting it. Sometimes, inherently, we know when we aren’t performing well. We know we missed deadlines, submitted reports, code, analyses, products or services with errors or defects. Or we receive anonymous complaints. So when it comes time to meet with the manager, these employees should realistically be expecting the “areas for improvement” discussion to consume a good part of the conversation. But how about when we ARE NOT expecting the negative feedback? When we have been working hard, or have not received any ONGOING feedback from managers or customers? Some companies – and jobs – do not subscribe to continuous improvement. Rather than say “but”, or “I disagree”, here’s how to react to negative performance feedback and show you are a leader.

How To Be A Radio Monitoring Professional

In today’s economy, you have seen some careers come and go and some job titles disappear forever. There are also some job titles that have been around yet you haven’t heard of them but now because the economic condition has changed the job-market so much, those jobs have reemerged.

Becoming a Sales Representative: Is It Right for You?

Do have a knack for convincing people? Do you enjoy meeting new people and traveling to various places? If so, you might enjoy being a sales representative.

Study in Canada: The Golden Opportunity

Canada provides you with a golden opportunity to study in a safe and friendly environment which will not only enable you to get an internationally recognized qualification at much less tuition fee but will also allow you to get valuable work experience. Moreover sports and academic scholarships are also available for foreign students at undergraduate levels.

5 Must-Read Books on Business

Here is a list of five business books which have changed my life and the way I run my business. May they change yours as well. Everyone should read the 5 books to get the edge in the dog-eat-dog corporate world. These 5 books are inspiring and they remain true whether you read them in 1913 or 2013.

Career Change Coaching

Do you want to be in control of what happens to you during and after your career? Do you always find yourself choosing a career that was worse then the one before? Find out why.

Should You Quit Your Job for Your Own Business?

When do you know when it’s finally time to say goodbye to your job, take on many risks, and start your own business? Ask yourself first how you would transition from becoming an employee into an employer. Here are some questions that you could try pondering on.

How Employers and Recruiters Can Make Effective Use of Job Boards

There are few rules and guidelines that should be followed for recruiters and employers to achieve effective results from their use of job boards. Although the regulations may differ by individual boards, the concepts can be applied throughout the job-search industry.

Are Job Boards Essential to Your Job Search?

Job Boards can be intimidating, especially to the uninitiated. There are usually lots of distractions from advertisements and scripts that pop-up all over the screen, some boards may also include various links that lead to places where you do not wish to go. Some other job sites may be even more confusing when they are not properly constructed, with search options that tend to confuse rather than assist.

Can a Job Board Be Effective For Job Searching?

You may have heard of the countless stories of people who send out hundreds of resumes, and receive no return calls, or you may have experienced the frustration yourself and continue to wonder what the problem may be, and more importantly what can be done about it. The truth may lie in the fact that the effective responses received from a job board listing may be as a low as 3 to 5% in many cases, and although efficacy can vary, having a job board as the central component of your job-search can lead to futility and frustration.

Why Use Job Boards

The Internet is now a major part of the fabric of our daily lives, and there is not a day that goes by, without some kind of access or connection being made to it, either directly or indirectly business. The pertinent benefits are easily noticeable in the business world in areas such as job searching, networking and in the employment industry.

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