How Much Does the Mighty McClures Make on YouTube

The End Game – Why Are You Really in Business? A Case Study

So many folks want to find their American Dream, unfortunately it can often turn into the American Nightmare due to all the regulations, lawsuits, and economic factors. And one must never lose sight of the reason they are in business in the first place. Let’s say you want to buy a business rather than start one from scratch.

How To Properly Choose A Headhunter

For any company, staffing the right people can be nearly impossible. At the same time, finding a job that best plays to the strengths of the applicant can prove to be just as daunting. Many times, when both hiring entities and job seekers come to my company, it is their first time registering with an agency.

Top 3 Methods for Accomplishing Your Goals – Effective Career Management for 2011

National surveys indicate between 12% and 46% of people reach the goals set forth in their resolutions. For those who are working and returning to a job that has become stale and underwhelming, your resolution might look like this: “I will find a new job in 2011”. This is a rather daunting task and in today’s job market, unless you take a more proactive approach, you may find yourself setting the same goal in 2012. Nearly every survey cites 3 key ingredients to every success…

Plan a Successful Career Change After 50 – Key Questions to Ask!

Here are some key questions to ask to move your career and life forward. There are as many reasons to consider a career change after 50 as there are careers. If you’re over 50 now might be the right time to take a good look at your current career and your life situation.

Where To Turn To If You Need To Get A Job

In the today’s world, there’s really no good reason why you should settle for searching for jobs the old fashioned way. You will find lots of other things which you can use today as resources to get a job in this economy. Ensure that in this difficult time you are using things like job web sites to help you find the real information that you are searching for.

How to Get a Job In Insurance

The insurance industry is continuously growing. More and more innovative packages are being developed to suit a specific customer’s insurance needs and preferences. A very stiff competition exists within the industry as people are starting to realize and accept the necessity of having the right kind of coverage for their well-being as well as that of their family and properties.

Student Volunteer Programs – Great Opportunities to Gain Work Experience

An increasing numbers of teenagers are taking up student volunteer work within their nation and abroad to gain work experience in their respective fields. Besides providing them a learning experience, the profit and non profit volunteer organizations provide the student with a great opportunity to explore the world.

How Important It Is to Complete Website Projects on Time

A company gets a website designed with a purpose. Websites play a very important role in marketing the services of the company at a very rapid rate. The time frame allocated designing the website is according to the marketing plan of the company. As the marketing plan of a company follows a strict deadline, the timely completion of websites is extremely important. Along with the client, timely submissions are very important for the reputation of the website design company as well. Would you take the risk of hiring a website design company which is known for delivering projects with delays? The answer to this question is definitely a “No”.

Vitality of Transportation Jobs

Shipping as career is very rewarding in every aspect and many young lads try to make career in shipping business. Shipping jobs include several types of jobs like merchant navy, freight jobs like freight forwarder, cruise jobs, oil tanker jobs, load carrier companies.

Finding a New Job Through Cold Calling

Gone are the days when jobs were plentiful and opportunities practically dropped into a person’s lap. Now, it is the ambitious individual, with a tenacious proactive approach, that lands the coveted position.

Beyond TAP and ACAP – The Civilian Side of the Equation

The transition assistance programs provided by the military are a good idea. On the other hand, they are not consistent in the material and not always realistic. A lot of what you need to know has to do with effectively communicating. Here are some tips that go beyond what many TAP classes offer.

Role of an Internal Auditor!

Nowadays internal audit jobs are highly in demand. These expert financial professionals can definitely pass on real values for catering to all financial needs of a business identity. To complete all the roles and responsibilities associated with his or her job, the person needs to follow a number of professional guidelines and tricks set by the professional governing bodies in their respective fields.

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