How Much Does Veritasium Make on YouTube

When Loyalty Walks the Plank

How do you bury the loyal employees? I mean truly extinguish them from existence within your work place? It can be done, here’s how, and here’s why you’ll regret it forever.

A Guide To Business Emails

Emails are the most common form of communication in the written form. We must take care that we deliver good emails.

6 Cover Letter Gaffes My Peers Leave Out – It’s Not Your Grandma’s Cover Letter Anymore

If you are convinced you need to craft a “cover letter” to go along with your resume, I have 6 issues experts and authors don’t tell you. Using employer language. Starting sentences with “I”. Wasting valuable white space. Not testing content readability. Rushing the writing process. Using the cover letter as another resume page.

How to Get a Job With LinkedIn!

Chances are if you went to college you were told to set up a LinkedIn page; you probably did and never used it, what’s the point? First off don’t think of it as another Social Network but a Professional Network solely aimed at helping you in your career. A Linked in profile can be the first impressions you give a potential employer so under no circumstances should you have anything unprofessional or potentially detrimental on your profile.

Why Get A Career In Project Management?

Project management is a large part of the IT industry. The project manager’s job is to ensure the project gets completed on time and under budget, by managing resources, risks, communicating with stakeholders and making adjustments when necessary. So why would you want to get a job as a project manager? Let’s take a look at a few reasons.

You’re Savvy With Sums Qualifies You For These Banking Jobs

Nothing in your daily expenses has to go unaccounted for, considering today’s stringent economic climate. Are you good at balancing your checkbook, from the college loan you pay each month to the cups of lattes you pick up on your way to work and thereafter?

Should I Put My Certification Logo On My Resume?

Certifications are a big part of the IT industry, and many IT professionals have attained at least one certification. This would have taken quite a bit of work and you should be able to show it off, right? What better place to show it off than to add it to your resume! It can also help with getting a job, right? Well, let’s find out if you should put your certification logo on my resume.

Time to Throw In The Towel on Your Executive Job Search?

For the professional who has been too long “in transition,” it may be time to face the fact that another job in the same career or industry is just not going to happen. Throwing in the towel really opens up the possibility for a new career altogether as an entrepreneur. Where can you use your talents? What makes most sense for YOU? Here are some realistic options to consider.

Indian Multinationals: The Gateway to a Global Career

Corporate India is definitely on a roll with a number of outbound deals, global acquisitions and mergers. Are you the one who is always dreaming about a global job opportunity at Wipro or Reliance careers?

Waiters: Control How Much Money You Make! (It’s So Easy!)

As a waiter, you hold more power and opportunity than you think! You can even control how early you get seated and the types of guests you get!

Adrift in a Sea of Uncertainty

Shifting from a military career to life amongst the civilian humanoids can be difficult. This is a story of my transition.

Logic and Reason Vs Emotion

Raw emotion can easily blind us from the rational and logical world. In business, poor decisions can often be attributed to the “knee-jerk” reaction. This is often caused by emotional decision making. Avoid this at all costs.

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