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Facebook Privacy – Is Your Personal Life Safe From Potential Employers?

As many people are aware, it has become common practice for hiring companies to view candidates’ LinkedIn and Facebook pages if they are available. This fact causes little concern for most people, since they believe they can keep their profiles, especially on Facebook, private. A private profile is safe from public scrutiny, right?

How Important Are Keywords in a Resume?

Are Hiring Managers finding your resume? I will walk you through my process of how I look for the perfect employee and what I am looking for as I am reviewing your resume. Read more for your ah ha moment!

Invoice Factoring Is a Great Opportunity for Your Business to Grow

Businessmen are ambitious and always want to grow to great heights; unfortunately some of them lack liquid cash for this. One popular method of tackling this issue is through invoice factoring.

Positioning Yourself for Success: The Next Skill You Need

We run across statistics every day. More than one billion people around the world speak Chinese. China has become a world power with which to be reckoned, with whom most of the world will continue to do business. Thus, the well prepared are raising their children to speak this language fluently. But, unless we have some understanding of or use for this information, its impact is lost on us.

Resumes That Get You Hired – How To Avoid The 3 Critical Mistakes Jobseekers Make (Is This You?)

Your resume is your calling card and it is up to you to make the best first impression possible to increase your chances of getting hired.Here are 4 key mistakes to avoid.

Factors That Affect How Much Money A Surgical Technologist Makes

Careers in the medical field are in high demand because unlike other fields that constantly cut back to save on costs, the medical field is always in need of skilled professionals. If you are considering obtaining a job in the medical field, you may want to look into becoming a surgical technological. These skilled individuals assist surgeons during medical procedures, playing an influential role in an operating room.

Three Steps to Take After Graduating From College

Three tips to recent graduates. The steps after college are not as difficult as one might think.

Money Is Not A Factor For People Who Desire To Be Vet Techs

Working as a veterinary technician is not as financially rewarding as working as a technician in a different type of profession. However, for the people who choose to obtain a career in this type of field, the amount of money that they earn is irrelevant to the work that they do. Individuals who are interested in working in this type of field must have an admiration for animals in order to be successful.

Learning New Skills To Find A Better Job

The current state of the economy and the demanding job industry has recently encouraged some people to make some changes and adjustments to look for a better job. One of the keys to finding a better career is to learn new skills.

Income At Home Opportunities – How To Avoid The Common Pitfalls

There are many people who are intrigued by the large number of online business success stories that they have heard. As a result, these people are becoming interested in trying their hands at an online business, themselves. However, while there are many opportunities to be successful online, there are also many missteps and mishaps that can befall those who don’t fully know how to get started with an online business.

Become a Massage Therapist: What You Need to Know

Congratulations on deciding to began a career as a massage therapist. Learn about what it takes to become a licensed massage therapist.

Success = Performance X Perception – High Impact Self-Marketing for Your Career

Who gets promoted in your organization? The people who deliver the best performance or those who are perceived to deliver the best performance? Unfortunately just producing good results is not enough. When you want to advance in your career you also need to make sure that decision makers perceive you as a high performer. Learn about the three essential self-marketing tips that will help you boost your career.

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