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4 Keys to Success We Can Learn From the Desperate Housewives Finale

Ok, so I admit, I am a Desperate Housewives fan. I’ve enjoyed the show from day one, The show finale contained surprising business lessons. In these final ten minutes, the writers (knowingly or not) presented the audience with four key elements in the recipe for success & a reminder. (Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t watched the final show, you may want to do so prior to continuing to read)

Professional Growth, A Key To Getting More

When you started out in your career you probably thought that you can figure things out as you go along, then you realized that in order to move up the corporate ladder you would have to stay current with the latest trends and finally you hope and pray that someone will notice your efforts and reward you for all your hard work. Are you still waiting?

OSU Jobs Insider: A Look at the Physical Therapy Program

Students investigating the OSU jobs situation may wish to consider the physical therapy program at the university. Career outlook appears to be higher than average, with the average salary at slightly more than $66,000.

What To Prepare For Bank Exams

Bank Jobs development, are much looked forward to today as they not only provide opportunities for satisfaction, but also growth and development. So many aspire to join banks as clerks, specialist officers and probationary officers by qualifying in an objective and /descriptive exam. The topics that you could be tested include general awareness, English, reasoning, quantitative aptitude and computer knowledge; these skills help in various operations in the bank.

How to Write an Effective Business Letter With Intention and Impression

It’s “your business letter” and what you include in it will determine how effective it is in accomplishing your goal. Incorporate the following guidelines and you’ll find yourself writing an effective business letter that not only conveys your intended business message with a purpose, but also leaves a positive and memorable impression with your reader.

Which Are Better – Local or National Job Boards?

Finding a job is difficult in these tough economic times, and that’s why many people are now turning to job boards in an attempt to get back into work. However, many people are confused over where to look for job listings and where to post their own ads. There are two options; the local and the national job boards.

A Brief Review Of FETAC And Postgraduate Courses

Students can opt for number of courses for their higher studies and future betterment. FETAC qualifications and modules are highly beneficial for those students who want to go for higher studies and make their career brighter.

Does Your Resume Pass or Fail?

Does your professional resume stand out from the competition? Will your resume meet the expectations of employers or hiring managers or will it end up in the deleted items folder? Resume writing is an art form and while there are no exact rules that will ensure you get the job, there are plenty of mistakes that you can make that will prevent your resume from being noticed.

How to Stop Being Stuck in a Job You Hate

It seems like a lot of people hate their job these days. Worse yet, lots of people feel stuck in a job they hate. I’d like to offer evidence that you are NOT stuck in your job, and empowerment for you to start getting officially unstuck and on your way to work that makes you happy.

MBA Jobs For Business Management – Diversity Across Careers

There is no dearth of MBA Jobs for Business Management in this aggressively competitive era of globalization. In fact, MBA jobs are available in all fields of business. Business management is an inevitable aspect for the success of each organization today.

The Naked Truth About Business Attire and Great First Impressions

You’re ready to make a splash in your new career, and you’re going out to the appropriate business functions. How will you new contacts view you; an “up and comer”, or a “down and outer”? Here are some tips to help you get through that crucial first impression stage.

Medical Billing and Coding Career Information

A career in medical billing and coding offers not just job security but more than the average amount of salary as well. Moreover, a career in medical billing and coding requires fewer educational requirements.

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