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Typical Jobs – The Mundane is Better Than Nothing

Some people are happy settling for a typical job, while others have big dreams for their career futures. Finding your fit is never an easy task, and sometimes requires you to settle for a job that you don’t love just to get by. However, in today’s economy, a boring job is better than no job at all.

Top Business Skills – Communication

Communication is one of the top business skills that is required in order to succeed within a team-based environment in a career or with an organization. Businesses rely on good communication on an organizational level, but you as a person need to be capable of communicating well also. The communication skills you must have include written, social, verbal, selling, and negotiating.

Leadership Positions – Showing Off Your Skills

If you want to be a leader in your business or industry, you have to have all the right skills. Make sure that you take the time to showcase your abilities and let everyone know that you’re the one for the job. Here are some other tips for taking on leadership roles and management positions.

Trade Careers – Why They’re Hot When Others Are Not

There is a sort of social hierarchy within the career world, and trade workers are definitely not at the top of the pyramid. However, right now they are more popular than ever before simply because they have jobs that are available when other markets don’t. Read on to learn more!

The New Job Interview – What Can You Do For Me?

Job markets are slow, and the hiring process is always changing. However, you can definitely count on the fact that your employer only has one thing in mind when they are conducting the interview. Find out how demonstrating what you can do for the company can win the job every time.

Streamlined Office Phone System Tech and Other Tips For Improving Workplace Atmosphere

If you watch The Office, American or British version, and find yourself laughing so hard you almost cry, or worse, just cry, without the laughing part, because you relate to it so well, you may want to forward these tips about improving office atmosphere to your management. CC the appropriate parties, of course. Or if you’re already the boss, thanks for stopping by!

Recession Proof Businesses – Wondering How to Get Started?

Searching for information on recession proof businesses? Has it been a struggle? Your search is over. In this article we will discuss, where and how to find these businesses, and what to be cautious of.

Telecommuting Jobs – Working From Home is a Popular Choice

There is a great growth expected in the telecommuting industry in the near future, which is surprising considering how much it already has grown. Take the time to learn about telecommuting jobs and what they can do for you. Want to work from home? Learn how today!

The Public Service Commission of Kenya

The public service commission of Kenya is charged with the recruitment of the civil service and the local authorities. Its vision is “to be a world class constitutional body in the provision of a globally competitive human resource that serves the needs of Kenyans.”

Reasons You Aren’t Getting Hired

Have you been on dozens of interviews but still have no job to call your own, even though you thought everything went well every time you sat down with a potential employer? If you really have not made any huge interview faux pas (turning up in jeans, being hugely under qualified) there may be other, slightly less obvious reasons why you job search is taking longer than you had hoped: Job Descriptions – Read it properly. Do you really meet all the criteria?

Jobs in America – Outsourcing is Killing the Opportunities

Outsourcing is often more affordable for many companies. However, it is also the reason that many Americans are losing jobs. Where do you draw the line between outsourcing to save money and killing the American dream by sending all the jobs overseas? Read on to learn more about this issue.

Overqualified and Unemployed – Finding Work Where You Can

There have never been so many employees working in the wrong jobs as there are now. When you are facing the economy that we live in, though, having a job is much more important than having the right job. If you’re overqualified and can’t find work, here are some tips to help.

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