How Much Does Loving Life Fam Make on youtube

Photojournalism As a Career – 9 Things You Need Besides a Camera

Let’s not fool ourselves: Being a documentary photojournalist is not an easy job. And making a living of photojournalism is outright hard! So why choose photojournalism as a career?

Get Out of a Career Rut – A Creative Way to Figure Out Career Possibilities and Find Meaningful Work

As an unemployed trailing spouse, or even a person simply stuck in a rut trying to figure out meaningful work you can do, here’s some ideas to creatively figure it out, and get unstuck! Try watching a movie!

The US Economic Recovery May Not Mean More Jobs – Looking at the Franchise Option

Are you waiting it out for a high paying job as soon as the recession clears? Have you decided not to start your own business because you feel the job market will pick up as soon as the economy comes back online? Well, I hate to burst your bubble but not every recessionary recovery coincides with job growth.

The Final Interview – Beware of the Trap

The final interview before a job offer is extended can be tricky. Here’s how avoid the trap and win over the competition.

Good Business Habits

Let me tell you straight, you cannot be a successful business person if you don’t have good business habits. Below I have listed a few habits that you should be doing if you wanted to be a successful business person!

Digital Media Career Paths

Everyone wants a job that offers flexibility, allows creativity, requires minimal supervision, and pays well. You can be a graphics artist, web designer, technical writer, or an audio and video technician, with a starting pay ranging from $40,000 to $60,000+ per year.

Becoming a Memoir Professional – 5 Areas to Assess Your Viability

Before jumping into launching a memoir-based company, you ought to inquire about your viability to be successful. People aspire to become memoir professionals for many reasons. Among the background that you bring to the endeavor ought to be the following…

Landscaping and Holiday Lighting Service – Is This a Good Mix?

If you are a landscaper by profession, I bet you worry about winters as there is less demand for landscaping then. So, what do you do in your winter months – Relax? Vacation? What if you have an avenue open to you for making more money? Holiday lighting service is a perfect add on business for any landscaper. These two businesses blend in perfectly with each other.

Make Your Career Recession Proof – Part II of II

Carol spent the previous two years carefully positioning herself within her company, making sure leadership knew her value to the long-term success of the company. When layoffs were imminent, Carol knew she was rock solid.

How to Deal With Job Loss – Don’t Fall Down Just Because You Lost Your Job

Have you noticed the unemployment rate going up in the United States as many individuals are losing their jobs? Many people have been suffering from job loss, but many more than normal are suffering today, which draws a lot of attention to the job market.

How to Get a Job As a Stripper-Exotic Dancer

Are you thinking about quitting your job to become a stripper? Do you wonder what the average stripper salary is? Since exotic dancers are a mainstream image promoted on MTV, stripping is not out of the question for many independent women. Unlike most mainstream jobs with six figure potential, there is no required interview or resume. If you are interested in getting a job as an exotic dancer, you will want to follow these steps.

Teaching Applications on the Up

The sales of apples are going to go through the roof! That’s right, apple farmers around the country are rubbing their hands together at the news that the recession has seen the number of graduates attempting to enter the teaching profession raise by 10%.

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