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How to Grab Your Dream Job

Sometimes, you may lose your dream job. You have created your resume with the help of experts. You have answered all the questions during the interview. Even then you are not lucky enough to grab a job of your choice. You have waited for long for an appointment letter but in vain. Why? What’s gone wrong with your efforts?

Networking – It’s How You Will Land Your Next Job

Employers have done a good job at belt-tightening the past few years out of shear necessity (for survival). This translated nationally to a 6.2% rise in productivity in the fourth quarter. A negative consequence of this is that they – especially small businesses – are reluctant to start hiring again, for fear of a slow recovery.

Latest Job Trends in Australia

Job trends are often dictated by the economy, with a slow economy depressing the job market. But weather and time of year should also be taken into consideration, especially for part time jobs. Around Christmas time there are many more part time jobs available due to increased retail and tourist activity.

What is Your Time Really Worth?

If you are considering making a change in your career path, there has to be a question over what your time is really worth? For example if you are currently working 9 hours per day plus travel for £50k per year, do you feel that you are earning enough for the amount of time which you spend at work?

Thinking About New Careers?

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you chose your career early on in life and you enjoy what you do. Not everybody is that lucky. If you ever hate what you might have chosen, or fell into some thing and would like to get out, you may have to feel about new careers and selections that might do the job far better to suit your needs.

Mobile DJ Equipment Tips For Your Business

Mobile DJing can be one of the most-exciting (and lucrative) career choices around. If you have a passion for music, and love to see that crowd dancing to YOUR beats, than why not get paid big bucks to start your mobile DJ business?

The in Demand Jobs All Over the World

Even though there is already global crisis, one could still be able to find and land on a decent job. Some countries have opened their doors to all of the people who are skilled workers in almost any field. In times like this, we really need not be picky or choosy when looking for a job because what is important is that it is decent and that the job will help us to provide food on our plates and better future for our family.

What Interviewers Really Want to Know

Of course everyone knows and it goes without saying that an interviewer wants to know if a job candidate is competent or not, but is this the most important thing they want to know? Knowing if a person is competent to do the job is only the very beginning a probably one of the least important parts of the interview.

Re-Entering the Workforce? 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Computer Skills

If you’re re-entering the workforce, a great way to start is to refresh your computer skills. Read on for three easy and inexpensive ways to get the computer skills you need for your dream job.

A Bartender’s Guide to Mobile Bartending

Are you interested in starting the exciting and lucrative career choice of Mobile Bartending? Nothing is quite as exciting as pouring drinks and entertaining guests at a wedding, backyard birthday or other special event and getting paid massive tips!

Landing That Coveted Job Interview

So much is written about how to answer questions during a job interview. These tips aren’t going to be useful to you if you’re not getting invited to the interviews to begin with.

The Perfect Attire For the Cafe Employee

In the event that you are a waiter or waitress inside a restaurant, then you would recognize the value associated with a very good kitchen apron. These aprons are not just ways to prevent your uniform from the stains and sauces from the food and also the coffee. They’re furthermore rather valuable in attending to the clients. What does this last part mean?

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