How Much Does Raven Elyse Make On YouTube

Parents’ Attitude To Apprenticeship Needs To Change

Parents’ attitude to apprenticeship needs to change if we are to put young people on a planned, clear career path and help the audio-visual industry maintain its skills base over the coming decade. One of the barriers to young people taking up apprenticeship is often the attitude of parents who see a university education leading to a degree as the best career option for their children. In many cases this is true, however you only have to look at the number young people with degrees currently underemployed, working in shops or call centers for little more than minimum wage to see that it is not true in all cases.

4 Steps to More Creative Writing Jobs

Creative writing jobs are everywhere, but to get more for you requires 4 essential steps. Honoring these steps will bring back rewards to your writing career for years to come.

What Should You Avoid During the Job Hunting Process?

In many people’s point of view, the job hunting process is tiring. They find it hard to get their ideal jobs. To be frank, although the job market is competitive, if you apply the right strategy, you can succeed easily during the interview sessions. In order to avoid failure during the job search process, there are things you should avoid.

5 Steps For Changing Your Career The Easy Way

Changing a career can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have never done it before. The following steps will probably apply to those of you who are considering more dramatic change – but as a philosophy, these steps can be applied by anyone. 1.) The most important exercise you need to do is an honest assessment of what is actually stopping you from pursuing your dream career. This is the step where many people fumble. After all, if you saw no reasons for not changing your career when you wanted to, you would have done it a long time ago, right? What you need to do here is to think of all the reasons that are stopping you from any further action at the moment. List as many as possible.

Business Thank You Letter

A business thank you letter or a letter of thank you after a job interview is one of the most under-utilized ways of obtaining employment there is. Send them a thank you letter for the fact that they called you in the first place. They invited you because they have a strong curiosity concerning you. I always look at an interview as mine to lose. They wouldn’t have me pass through their doors if there wasn’t a high degree of interest.

Careers You Can Have With An Online PhD in History

For any individual has completed an online PhD in history, there are numerous career opportunities for that individual. The determination and skill that is required to complete a PhD, will be rewarded with lucrative and exciting careers.

Who Is Your Simon Cowell? The Importance of Honesty in Your Job Search and Career

For those of you who consider yourselves American Idol fans, these words have been a common sound bite for quite some time. We’ve all heard the banter on various blogs, tweets and media websites, surrounding the harsh comments uttered by Simon Cowell over the last 9 years. But before you pass judgment on his unbridled feedback and sarcastic quips, ask yourself something – is there someone in your “inner circle” you can rely on to provide uncensored, honest and constructive feedback which you could then use to better yourself?

Becoming a Train Driver

Train drivers primarily drive trains from one station to another. Millions of commuters rely on their professionalism to transport them from one point to another. It is not uncommon for commuters to complain about dismal train performance, nevertheless, making a journey by train still remains the most favoured form of commuting in this day and age owing to its reliability over other forms of transportation.

What to Ask When You’re in the Interviewer’s Seat

If you ever get a chance to ask a question to a hiring manager at a job interview, make it count. Here’s some tips for acing your next job interview.

How to Make Employers Come to You – Executive Branding

“Career Branding” and “Executive Branding” are hot terms right now, but what do they really mean, and is it something you need to consider as part of your job search strategy? The answer is simple – yes, very much so. Branding (also known as “self-branding”, “career-branding” or “executive-branding” when talking about individuals) is essential to career advancement because it helps define who you are, how you are valuable, and why you should be sought out.

Doctors Changing Careers – Barriers

Probably even more complex than the motivations to leave medicine are the motivations and pressures for doctors to stay in the profession. Doctor’s are regarded as having a special role in society as defender’s of health – changing careers is seen by some as turning your back on and abandoning the health needs of the community.

How To Become a Successful Medical Administrative Assistant

In order to become a certified medical administrative assistant, a person is required to earn either a diploma or associate’s degree in medical administrative assisting. The learning process in fact is not really hard. The most challenging part is when you have completed your study, how can this career lead you to great success in life?

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