How Much Does Real Nifty Vintage Make on YouTube

Essential Steps to Become a Registered Nurse

How do you become a registered nurse? Read on to know about the steps you need to follow for becoming registered nurse, obtaining a nursing degree and become a successful registered nurse to help people improve their lives and establish a profitable career in nursing.

LinkedIn Job Hunting – Landing Multiple Job Offers Within Two Weeks in a Recession!

This article is a case study on my personal experience with LinkedIn job hunting and how it landed me two unsolicited job offers within 2 weeks. A co-worker of mine sent over an article describing how Accenture (Fortune 100 consultancy I used to work for) plans to hire 40% of it’s new employees through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

How to Become a Veterinary Technician – Some Useful Tips

So, you want to learn how to become a veterinary technician. If you love animals and have the determination to finish the coursework successfully, this could be an excellent career for you. As a veterinary technician, you will be working as a nurse, but for pets instead of humans.

How to Get a Job in Web Design

If you have designing skills which you can create with the help of software; you can think of starting a career in web design. You must be aware of the fact that a web designer must be able to design of various websites.

How Much Money Do Registered Nurses Make Per Year?

Nursing is an excellent career choice, and the demand for nurses is always high. Some of the popular benefits for nursing are:

There is No Gold Watch

My father was one of the hardest working men that I have ever met in my life. He gave 20+ years to a company that he thought he would retire from. He moved his family from city to city all across this great country in order to “climb the corporate ladder”. By the time I was in eighth grade, I had attended eight different schools.

How to Get a Video Game Design Job

The career in video game design requires designing skills, computer knowledge, physics and engineering. It helps to be a professional game designer. The people possessing these skills can think of starting a career in the gaming design field. There are several ways; you can get the training to be a successful designer.

Top 10 Interview Tips For the Enterprise Architect

Here are ten little known tips that an Enterprise Architect needs to know before going to an interview. Enterprise Architects are tough to interview, as they are primarily taking the top technology position in a company or joining a small strategy team. These tips come from someone who has interviewed and hired more than one hundred resources. Take a look, some of them may surprise you.

How Not to Dress For the Office When Temperatures Soar

With summer temperatures soaring, sometimes it is difficult to identify appropriate work attire that is both comfortable and professional. During summer months, many companies relax the dress code and allow employees to forgo the suits of winter for a more cool and casual look.

Transferable Skills Administrative Assistants Should Develop

One of the things that employers look for most today in almost any industry is transferable skills.  As an administrative assistant, transferable skills can help you to do your job better and they can help you to move ahead in your career.

What Were You Born to Do?

This is the question you need to ask yourself unless you want to settle for “just a job”. The soul searching process that leads you to your calling requires you to commit to three disciplines that work together: Reflection, Research, and Resolve. These are all often overlooked in traditional job searches. If you are looking for work now or contemplating a career change in the future, these practices can bring you closer to work you love.

Student CDL Truck Driver Jobs

You might be interested in knowing that there are a variety of job opportunities available to student CDL truck drivers. In other words, you’ll need to have a lot of experience to be able to qualify for one of these job opportunities.

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