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Exploring Requirements And Opportunities As a Parts Model

In commercial advertising, editorial, and artistic photography, sometimes you will not see the entire model in full body view, but rather, just isolated parts such as beautiful hands, lips, feet, legs, abdomen, back, neck, shoulders, etc. These models must treat their specialized parts with care to maintain a “ready-to-work” state for upcoming bookings. There are many types of models in the fashion industry, but this is open to those that have great body “parts” that meet the industry’s requirements and high standards. This type of specialty is NOT for just anyone that thinks that it’s easy.

Turning No Someday Into A Yes

We all face rejection at one time or another in our life. In fact, we may face it several times when pursuing something we really desire. However, if we don’t reach out at all and make our interests known, no one knows what it is that we desire or have to offer. Those that go it alone, especially when entering an area to which they are new or trying to break in, make things that much harder for themselves if they don’t look to connect with those who have guidance and experience to offer to them. In today’s difficult job market, those that sit behind their computer and post resume after resume to online job sites may believe they are job searching. However, all they’re doing is holding back their progress from the inevitable need to connect with those who may be in a position or may actual have the employment opportunities into which they are looking to be hired.

Resisting The Tug

“You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals.” – George Patton Don’t you just love that quote? It seems so appropriate to our lives and also to our profession.

What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford As I thought what what to talk about for this post, I wanted to do something that gives you something to think about and am hoping we have some great conversation about it. The medical transcription profession is in such a state of flux.

Which Road Will You Take?

In an EHR course I’ve been teaching, we ended our session with some great discussion about our profession, the industry, and how fast things are changing. We also talked about how very unknown the future is right now. I want us to have that discussion today because I was struck by the discussion and the need to share some thoughts about the future.

Assume the Position

Hard work and determination is the key to a successful career. When you carefully plan your career and life goals you stand a much better chance at succeeding. Work hard but also work smart. Understand what you are up against and measure your strengths and weaknesses accordingly. The most successful people or organizations have well thought planning, that involves details and focus in its implementation. Understanding the relevant efforts, and what is needed to get you where you want to be, is crucial to your success. Find your way and don’t let anything or any one keep you from reaching your goal.

What To Expect From Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy Technician Schools offer unique training that can help you start your new career off right. This training has the ability to help you secure that first job. This is possible because many employers value this training and some even require it to even get an interview. Also, you can reasonably expect to get paid a little more with this training rather than without it. And, you can also be able to reduce your learning curve of the first job allowing you to quickly become a productive and confident pharmacy tech. Here, we look beyond the benefits and take a close look at what you can expect to find in the training.

Executive Resume Writing To Land You The Job

The best way to market your career for employment is through your resume. It is your first point of contact and first impression, and in today’s society first impressions count! If you want to get noticed and to leave an impact, your executive resume needs to be written perfectly and professionally.

Awakening Required for American Workers – Both Mid-Career and New in the Workforce

Today’s college grads need to be aware that the rising trend in Silicon Valley is to evaluate employees every quarter, not annually. Because the merger of globalization and the I.T. revolution means new products are being phased in and out so fast that companies cannot afford to wait until the end of the year to figure out whether a team leader is doing a good job.

Facts About the Teacher Salary

Teacher salary statistics are not particularly demoralizing, yet neither are they notably inspiring. If your primary goal in life is to generate an above average income, becoming a teacher most likely is not the ideal solution. Just the same, young people need good educators, America must have successful children, and the salaries for teachers tend to be reasonable. In locations much like the one in which I am located, school teachers bring in more money than does the average worker. The average employee here, nevertheless, would make a lot more income if he or she got a far better education, and that will take us back to the purpose of this discussion.

Four Steps to Getting Ahead at Work

These four steps are basic keys that every employee can do to impress their boss and put themselves into position for that next promotion. Many employees wonder why they’ve been passed over for promotions. Ignoring some basic business etiquette may be the reason. I want to help you get back on track to impressing your boss.

Are You Surviving or Thriving at Work?

When someone asks us what our dream job is, what is the career we’d love to have, 9 times out of 10 we will name a job title, and then proceed to describe all the things we’d get to do, our responsibilities and assignments. Maybe we’ll describe the type of person we work for, our manager. Rarely do we talk about the kind of work environment in which we would truly thrive. Are you surviving or thriving at your work?

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