How Much Does This Gathered Nest Make on youtube

The Road to Ninevah – A Parable About Life and Career

We all know the story of Jonah, he was swallowed by a whale, but do we know the back story? He was running from his calling because he was afraid, and bringing no end of trouble on himself and those around him. Sadly this is how most people live, day in, day out. Reconnect to your calling.

6 Ways to Survive a Recession

According to a news release by the Bureau of Labor, the nation’s unemployment rate as of June 2009 remains at 9.5%. If you’re like me and are in that number too then you’re definitely feeling this “recession”. But it might not be as bad as it seems. Here are a few things you can do to survive.

Recession Proof Super Jobs

Economic downturn has got everyone giving a second thought to their careers. Those who have experienced a layoff are stepping forward with the help of research about what are the jobs that don’t get affected by recessions? Others, who are still in jobs, are preparing to equip themselves with the necessary skills for these recession proof jobs and still others who are already blessed with such jobs are thanking god for placing them there. Read about these so called ‘recession proof jobs.

Physician Jobs and How to Find Them

There are many reasons why hospitals, medical facilities and clinics have temporary job openings. Perhaps a long-time physician has retired, or other doctors are taking well-deserved time off for maternity leave or sick leave. This leaves the medical facility with a need to either temporarily or permanently fill these physician jobs.

Job Outlook For Physician’s Assistants

Employment for physician assistants is expected to grow much faster as many health care establishments now hire PAs to reduce costs. With the aging of baby boomers, the demand for health care is even greater. Job opportunities are therefore abundant, particularly at clinics in rural and inner cities as these places can hardly attract physicians.

Educational Requirements and Qualifications For Physician Assistants

The training program for physician assistants usually lasts for two years. The admission requirements for these programs differ among different institutions. Generally, most institutions require at least two years of college education and experience in the health care industry. Completing an accredited program is important so as to enable one to be eligible to obtain a license.

Physician Assistant’s Nature of Work

You have conducted a search on the Internet and know that the prospect for the job of physician assistant is bright. You know very well that a promising outlook for a career is important so that you have many job opportunities. You may thus contemplate pursuing this career. Before you make your decision, you may want to know more about the nature of work for members of this profession so as to gauge whether this can indeed be your future career.

The Brave New Job Market

The new job market that has arisen out of the worse economic downturn in fifty years is harder to follow than Route 66. The fact that the once largest employers are in disarray, eliminates one of our most visible sources of employment. The onset of green technologies puts us in a brave, new world full of surprises in the job market.

Four Reasons Why You Need to Become a Physician’s Assistant

Before making a decision to pursue a career, you will take into account your interests, strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, you will also assess whether or not the job has great prospect for this will ensure a plethora of opportunities at your disposal after you graduate from your study. In the event that working in the health care industry is your passion, here are some reasons why you should really consider becoming a physician assistant.

Beginners’ Guide to the Job of Physicians Assistant

You have read from the media that physician assistant is one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. You also know very well that the US Department of Labor predicts this job as one of the fastest growing jobs in the health care field. Despite all this information, you are still not so clear about what exactly a PA does. Read on to go beyond the tip of the iceberg to educate yourself on the job of physician assistant.

Steps Towards Becoming a Licensed Physician Assistant

You have decided to pursue your career as a physician assistant. After gauging you interest and taking into consideration your strengths and weaknesses, you think that this can be your future career. You are very much excited about embarking on the journey to build a successful career. Are there any steps that can serve as a guide for me, you ask? Yes, read on the find out what are the steps towards achieving your dream.

Are You Apt to Be a Physician Assistant?

Physician assistant is a job that has quite the same job scope in comparison to that of a physician’s. Such is the case considering that members of this profession do 80 percent of what doctors usually do. Although its job scope bears a close resemblance to a doctor’s, the duration of training for PA is shorter, typically lasting two to three years. Listed as one of America’s fastest growing professions, this job surely offers a plethora of opportunities.

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