How Much Does Vlogbrothers Make On YouTube

A Perfect Career Is a Perfect Marriage

There are two ways to make it in business; doing something better than everyone else, or doing something new. This balance of innovation and development is what has fueled the universal economy since the beginning of time. In my opinion most people start out by trying to create something new but almost inevitably get deterred.

Ways to Find the Perfect Career

There are people who enter the work field every day to start a career that they have wanted to do since before they entered college. Many people find something in college that interests them, and they go with that. For others, they really have no idea what kind of job they want to do and just get tossed into any field. This can end up working out all right, or it can lead to a disastrous job mentality for the person.

My Work Is Not My Job

Is there a difference between the job and the work one does? A big one! It is common knowledge that job applicants beef up their resume to show more than what they can really offer; sometimes though, it works the other way. Yes, organizations can sometimes exaggerate the job profiles they offer; this is mostly done when employers feel that the not-so-glamorous work will not attract good talent. At other times, this is unintentional and creeps in slowly after the individual starts working for the company; this is mainly due to poor management on part of the boss. But what can one do if such a situation arises?

Finding a Job the Safe Way

With a lot of job centre vacancies available, jobseekers have a lot of opportunities to find employment. There are so many job listings and advertisements found online and it is important to find out if the company behind the listing is legitimate or not. Scam job posts can be found almost everywhere. You can find these ads along with other job centre vacancies online, in the classified ads or on posters put up in the streets mixed up with advertisements for legitimate job openings. One must know the tell-tale signs of an ad that’s designed to lure people into losing money instead of earning it.

Paralegal Career Information: Is Certification Needed to Become a Paralegal?

Behind those skillful lawyers are a group of individuals called paralegals. Paralegal is defined as a profession employed by a lawyer, governmental agency, law office or another entity that performs legal work.

Things to Remember on Your FIRST JOB!

Graduation time is around and a lot of my young friends are preparing for their placements and their first foray into the big corporate world! Most of my students wrote to me last week sending their queries on various things like resume, interviews etc. on number of points to make sure that they secure their dream job offer.

How to Start Off A Career As A Paralegal

Paralegals are commonly known as legal assistants. Although they can carry out the same jobs as lawyers, they are not allowed to perform duties and responsibilities that are within the scope of practice of law. Therefore, they are not authorized to provide legal advice to clients.

Tips on Passing the CPIM Certification Exams

CPIM, which stands for Certified in Production and Inventory Management, is a training course managed by APICS (Advancing Productivity, Innovation, and Competitive Success) that teaches you the techniques necessary to understand, evaluate, and increase production and inventory activities inside a company’s supply chain. Administrated since 1973, roughly 95,000 individuals have taken the CPIM exam.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are commonly mistaken as masseuses and this may be because the job of a PT involves massaging the patient. However, being a PT delves more than just the typical tasks of a masseuse. And not only does the work of a masseuse different from a PT but the benefits of being a professional PT far outweigh those of a masseuse. Here are 3 things you didn’t know about physical therapy.

Career Change After 40 – How to Market Your Experience

Making a career change over 40 isn’t any easier than it was in your 20s or 30s. Whether your decision is based on your desire to finally pursue your dreams or a need to find a new career path due to an ever-shrinking market or faltering industry, making a career change in mid-life can leave even the most confident job seekers asking themselves, “How do I find a new career?”

The Battle for Talent Is Heating Up, Are You Ready?

This is an interesting time in the history of business – workplace dynamics are in the midst of a huge shift. Baby Boomers in their 60’s are running into the challenges of managing the very different needs of those in the Y generation. In fact, so much focus has been placed on these two sizeable generations colliding in the marketplace, that the generation in between them, Generation X, has been largely forgotten.

Are You The Office Workaholic?

All offices will have at least one workaholic or work addict. This is a person who seems to be completely obsessed with their job, and always seems to be working. In our modern culture such effort receives a lot of praise but there is a dark side to work addiction. In fact, such people are a liability and not an asset to the office where they work.

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