How Much Does Funky Dineva Make on YouTube

Why Dressing for the Office Is Dressing for Success

Its important to have an attractive work wardrobe. You should always dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Irish poet Oscar Wilde once said, “Looking and dressing well is a necessity.” That’s never so true that when dressing for the office, whether you’re talking about seasonal fashion trends or men’s fashion accessories. That’s because regardless of your personal style, most office workers are bound by some type of dress code.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Case for Leaving

8 reasons why you should jump ship and leave your current job. Most people leave their job because of their boss but some leave because of culture.

4 Characteristics of a Good Lifeguard

What makes a good lifeguard? Find out 4 major qualities that are found in all good lifeguards. Learn what skills you should focus on developing.

Programmer Vs Developer – Key Differences

One of the most common questions in the IT industry is around a couple of specific job titles – programmers and developers. What is the difference between a programmer and a developer? Are they the same? If not, what do they do? I’ve done some research and have some information on question.

Kick-Start Your Clinical Research Career

Last time I spoke about hiring trends and the reward packages you can attain in clinical research and in my third article I discuss ways in which you can maximise opportunities to get your Life Sciences career moving, whether or not you have prior industry experience. My first piece of advice would be to apply for any available junior roles in clinical research, both with global and local Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) or pharmaceutical companies. You won’t find many opportunities but it’s still worth putting yourself out there and demonstrating your commitment – perseverance pays.

The Five Key Drivers Of Antrim Programmer Careers

Antrim/Sunquest is one of the leading laboratory diagnostic data systems providers in the healthcare industry whose customers span the globe. Antrim programmers develop software applications for laboratory information systems to assure accuracy, reliability and scalability of data to keep laboratory diagnostic systems on the leading edge in healthcare programming technology.

How to Become a Successful Florist

Do you love flowers? Does your dream job involve being able to work with flowers in some way? As a florist, you would have the opportunity to work with flowers every day!

3 Positive Ways to Succeed in a Shutdown

Just because the U.S. government can afford a shutdown doesn’t mean you can. You have a family to provide for, bills to pay, and hopefully a retirement to fund.

Getting a Job As a Computer Game Tester

Video gaming and personal entertainment have evolved over the past couple of years. Careers as game testers will become more viable in the near future provided that the current increasing trend in the sales of personal gaming products continue.

7 Secrets Of Hiring The Best Employee

Every HR manager understands that this is his responsibility to recruit good employees who would increase the company’s productivity. And every HR manager perfectly understands how difficult it can be, and how many aspects should be taken into account here.

3 Important Steps Towards Your Success As a Business Owner

Recently, one of my clients who has gone from being an employee to being self-employed asked me, “Do you know anybody who can help me? I can’t do this by myself!” Her question came in spite of her already having a coach and friends who were volunteering to help with the business essentials (web, accounting, marketing, etc.). Furthermore, she had plenty of great networking opportunities and contacts. And yet, she felt “alone” and needy of more help.

Want a Greater Chance of Landing a Lifeguarding Job? Expand Your Search to These Places

When searching for lifeguarding jobs, most miss out on valuable opportunities by only looking for work at pools and beaches. Expand your search to include these places for a greater chance of success.

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